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When thinking about the places I would love to visit, I am going to admit that Edinburgh never really popped into my head until recently. I always go to Pinterest to give my inspiration of where I would like to explore next in this beautiful country and when reading into where all of the pictures were taken, almost all that caught my eye were in Edinburgh, so I researched for a beautiful hotel and booked it all in one night, gosh I’m so spontaneous. As I have a job to keep and not a lot of money to spend, I decided to set myself a challenge to see how much of Edinburgh I could explore in just 25 hours.



The hotel that we stayed in was called The Bonham Hotel, which is probably the cutest hotel I have ever been to (they had free shortbread on a little table in the lobby – how cute!). I loved the location of the hotel as it was on the doorstep of the madness but not plonked right in the middle of it. The first impression was STUNNING! I am a girl used to a cheap Travelodge so getting welcomed by someone calling me Madam made me feel so fancy. The rooms were beautiful and had quite a pretty view over the tops of the gorgeous architecture that graced every corner of the city, which made me feel like royalty… can you tell I am not used to the poshness?

As both me and my Dad are really into photography, the first thing we did was take our cameras out to see what pictures we could get. I think that if you want to capture beauty and drama in one picture then Edinburgh is your best bet. I have never seen such dark, rich photos look so stunning. We visited absolutely loads of the cathedrals, monuments, statues, historic buildings and all the tourist-y things that you would typically visit but just being somewhere new gave me that Dora the explorer feeling of just trying to take it all in.

My anxiety wasn’t really an issue on this trip. I decided to go with my parents (mainly because I don’t think I could have done a 3 hour train journey without them) but also because there is something quite comforting to still go away with them. I always feel safe with them so even if I am an 18-year-old, I would still go anywhere with my parents. Because I felt like I had two bodyguards I couldn’t have felt safer. But if you are wondering if Edinburgh is a good place to go if you have more of an anxious character then I would say that it is certainly safe enough for you to visit. Not only are there open spaces that help you feel less trapped, there are also so many businesses that aim at different niches and there will certainly be some that suit you. If you’re vegetarian or vegan then there are cafes and restaurants that will suit you. If you want to stay central but fear that it will be too rowdy at night then I would say you don’t have to worry. Even though Edinburgh has a brilliant night life, I never experienced any disruption and my parents (two very laid back and calm people) who went on a date night in the city centre came back with the highest opinion of Edinburgh, which is very rare for a city. If you are like me and worry about what you are going to eat then you don’t have to worry either as there are so many cafes that make good British food that looks normal and nothing like any posh restaurant rubbish. Most do take-outs as well if you would prefer to take your meal back to where you’re staying to take any unnecessary stresses away. Finally, Scottish people are SO lovely! We didn’t know how to get to the harbour so I asked a bus driver which bus we need to get on. He actually let us ride on his bus for free until he found a bus stop that would take us there. While we were on the bus he was talking to us about where we were from, where we had already visited and even recommended where we should visit next. He was so lovely!

Overall, I enjoyed my short visit to Edinburgh. Every which way I looked was a stunning sight, perfect for a picture. It was definitely on the most photogenic place I have ever been too. Until next time Edinburgh.




  1. October 26, 2016 / 19:27

    Love this post! Edinburgh looks so pretty!
    Melissa x

  2. October 26, 2016 / 19:50

    This is such a lovely post! I’ve never been to Edinburgh but I really want to go one day, everywhere just looks so picturesque and beautiful! x

  3. October 26, 2016 / 19:53

    It looks beautiful! Great post!

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