I feel like I am going to start every single monthly round-up post exactly the same: I cannot believe it is already the end of October. In one week, the next holiday is CHRISTMAS… crazy. I do feel a lot better about writing this post compared to September’s though, as I do feel I have achieved a little more this month.


To start off with, at the very beginning of the month I went to have a look around different courses at LJMU. I decided a long time ago I will study at Liverpool but I never really settled for a certain course as none that I had looked at made me excited for the next few years of my life. So, I decided to branch out of my arty-farty comfort zone a little and I went to have a look at Marketing degrees and absolutely loved them! As soon as I came home I was on the phone to UCAS and LJMU’s application people and I have now got a place to study Marketing with a year’s placement starting in September. Although I have never been completely sold on University, I am glad I am going, mainly so I can meet new people and have a little bit more of a social life than I do now staying at home. It’s weird not having someone tell me what to do and where to be all the time and I think it may be comforting to go back to that. LJUM here I come!




Secondly, I visited Edinburgh this month (as you may have seen in my last post *hint hint*). Edinburgh was a beautiful city and one I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to visit. I love going to new places and it was certainly a place that you can just walk around without any purpose and suddenly stumble upon a little hidden gem. I also took my camera and explored a little with it. Definitely worth the 3 hour train journey.



I went Christmas tree shopping recently. For those huffing and puffing at me getting into the festive spirit before Halloween, don’t worry, I am not decorating my house and dressing up in LBD’s and sparkly numbers… Me and my Mum decided that we were going to do what we did last year and go Christmas tree picking. This is at a place called Broomheath Plantation in a place called Tarvin in Cheshire which is a farm with acres and acres of Christmas trees growing in it and you are able to look around them all and pick the one you want to be your Christmas tree. You then put a little red tag on it claiming it as your own and it gets delivered to you in December. It means that you don’t have to have a slightly limp brownish looking tree that was chopped down ages ago or a tree that you have to cut to size or prop up a little. You can look through literally thousands of trees and find your perfect one. It was so fun and really cute to do it again this year and I think that we found the most beautifully perfect one for us. To be honest though, I would quite happily get Christmas-y this time of year but people would go all bah humbug on me.

In November, I would like to:

  1. Start visiting all of the Christmas markets and the light switch-on’s so I can get into the festive spirit even more this year. As I actually have weekdays off sometimes, I can visit these ultra busy places when it’s not ultra busy. AND I have actually never been to a Christmas market other than Chester so I am very excited!
  2. Have a hair revamp. My hair is at a reasonably nice length now but it looks a little flat being all one colour. I would like to have something different now I think. Something fancy.
  3. I would love to visit Chester Zoo this month. I worked there last summer as a face painter and I would love to visit now I know the map a little better and can actually give whoever I am with a proper little tour.

I hope you have a lovely November!


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  1. November 18, 2016 / 20:27

    So cool that you liked the marketing degrees, going out of your comfort zone leads to numerous possibilities! I’m 17 so, I am currently writing my UCAS application, its v scary ahah!! x

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