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It’s so strange that I can say that. My Mum has always wanted to release a product range and I am so glad I have been able to create it with her.

My Mum is a qualified aromatherapist and has been one for like over 20 years. She knows all about essential oils and why they are good for certain things so it makes a lot of sense having her create all the different blends for all the different products. She spends forever in her little work space in her salon popping different essential oils onto tester sticks and shoving them in under my nose and asking my opinion.

I am responsible for the graphics and packaging of the products. I love being creative so this was kind of up my street. I designed the names, logo and labels, obviously with a lot of input from my Mum as this is a joint effort and I am not going to take all the credit. I wanted the products to stand out: if one of our products was on a shelf with loads of other slightly similar products then I didn’t want them to fade into the background, which is why they are bright, bold and have catchy and relatable titles. I always imagined them being in a shop and people picking them up, reading the titles and thinking “that couldn’t be aimed more at me if it tried” and I think that they make people think that.

We have currently got 3 different scents:

  1. help me, it’s way past my bedtime – for when you have trouble sleeping or just stopping your thoughts whizzing around your head.
  2. help me, apparently I’m hormonal – for when you can feel yourself being a bit sharp and bossy with people (kind of like the Snickers advert but instead of eating loads of chocolate and having to deal with guilt later, you can just burn a candle. Or maybe do both to make sure you definitely feel better)
  3. help me, I’m too busy for colds – for when you don’t want to catch a cold or you are trying to defeat one.


Our first set of products are candles. Our candles are organic, vegan friendly, paraben free and cruelty free soy wax candles (gosh that’s a mouthful). They are handmade and hand poured which means that we see absolutely EVERYTHING that has gone into it! No weird sounding gobbledygook that is written on the back of some candles. I can explain what every ingredient is and I am no human genius I assure you. They are also in candle tins so you can pop the lid back on top and its scent gets saved for when you next use it. Plus, it’s a decent size and doesn’t run out in 2 seconds.

Our second set of products are room sprays. If you are like me and prefer to have an instant hit of aroma, a room spray is more fit to you. Our room sprays are pretty similar to the candles as I can tell you every ingredient in them. We use strictly essential oils and witch hazel in our sprays. Witch hazel is an unscented base that has a natural alcohol which binds the essential oils. It’s not a chemical, not an acid, it is actually a natural ingredient.

You can now order our beautiful products on our website www.helpmeorganics.com and you can use the code “clairesyear10” to get 10% off! Or, we have a store is in Winsford in Cheshire and is located within the gift shop at Simply Relaxing (a holistic therapy spa). If you are in the area, then pop in. Our opening hours change due to treatment times but we always post our opening hours on our Facebook page.


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