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Let me paint you a little picture. I was sat at home doing what I am normally doing: drawing up new label designs and marketing ideas for helpmeorganics and I was thinking of having a little break by scrolling through twitter. After a few minutes, I came across a review post about The Unibox and was very intrigued. I knew that nowadays, subscriptions weren’t just magazines but I have never considered looking for a box that was aimed at students. A light bulb pinged in my head.

Our products at helpmeorganics are designed to help all of us with those pesky day to day annoyances and I am pretty sure that students share some annoyances with “what I call adults” too. So, I decided to contact Daphnée to see if she would be interested in pooping our room sprays in her box… She said YES!

So, if you were lucky enough to bag yourself a one of the March boxes, you will receive one of our “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” room sprays that will help you get to sleep either after a long day of revising and essays or maybe if you are a little home sick. Our products are 100% vegan, cruelty free and paraben free. We don’t include anything that could hurt our planet and that’s why we are so incredibly proud of them. They are also fragranced with essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances so that you don’t get a horrible after smell but at the same time, the smell won’t disappear in 2 seconds. Want to read more about us and our little company? I will leave a link to our website here. Plus our social medias here (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) If you get one of the March boxes then you can get a free delivery code as well!

Anyway, enough boasting from me, let’s get into the rest of the box.

Firstly we have the cocoa+ high protein bar. Me and my Mum sat down and tried this before and honestly, it does taste of cholocate. I really don’t like when you get something that claims to be “healthy sugar” and then tastes like washing up liquid but this doesn’t. It claims that it is “pure and fast absorbing. A healthy way to add more nutritious protein to your diet. Keeping you fuller for longer!” and I do actually believe them. If you go on their website, they have a 10% off code if you subscribe to their newsletter so you can get your hands on these lovely chocolate bars!

Next, we have Luckies rainbow notes. I mean, how cute are these! I had heard of Luckies before as their scratch maps are sold on ASOS and I have one myself. Their products are always amazing and these live up to the bar that they had already set in my head. They are nice and sticky as well so they won’t fall off your way in an instant. I adore how colourful they are, I am so bored of the normal wishy-washy yellow ones that you see everywhere. AND Luckies is a company based in London. I love a good UK based company!

The next product is this box of Salted Caramel Popcorn from the Popcorn Shed. Firstly, they are a family based award winning company (that’s impressive in it’s self) and again, they are based in the UK… you have to support our little country you know. I will pop their about us page here because they seem a really lovely company! I am yet to try these as I really want to save them for a movie or something because I hardly ever have popcorn. Again, you can also get 10% off is you sign up to their newsletter too! I love a good discount code myself. Additionally, they are also suitable for vegetarians, additive free and are also gluten free… perfect.

Next we have probably the cutest little stickers ever (I thought they were that cute that I have covered the back of my clear phone case in them) This little tin has a collection of stickers that have little positive messages all over them. For example, one says “eat breakfast (even when you are busy)”. They are from a company called dept. store for the mind  that I will link here too (gosh, I should become an advertising person the amount of linking I am doing in here.) I love the quality of these stickers aswell because they aren’t horribly shiny or raised or bobbly or anything yet they aren’t thin and creaseable. I love them. And what is that you say? Yes, they are another UK company! Can you tell I am a little patriotic?

As well as all this, we have the Yuyo Yerba Zing organic Yerba Mate with Grapefruit and Rosehip tea. Wow, what a mouthful. I am yet to try this tea but the packaging is stunning so I am expecting something quite classy that makes me feel really posh. It does say on the back that it contains a similar amount of caffeine to a cup of coffee so I think it is certainly one for me to try tomorrow morning rather than tonight. This Dorset based company are even stocked in Ocado and Planet Organic so I am expecting it to taste lovely.

Penultimately, gosh that is a long word for me, we have the Sebamed shower gel with grapefruit. Honestly, I didn’t even have to take the little cap off to smell how beautifully fruity this is. It is for sensitive skin as well, which means that delicate little flowers like me can slather it all over them in the shower and not get out looking like a red prune. It’s nearly 100% biodegradable and has a pH value of 5.5 (so that it supports the skin’s acid mantle and with the natural barrier function against dehydration and irritation). Please don’t think I am a biology genius, I just read that off the back of the bottle. And, I have just noticed the little limited addition on the corner of the bottle so now I feel really special like the queen or something. Yet again, I will link their website here in case you want to have a look at their healthy for skin ranges that they have.

Finally, we have my favourite product in the box (obviously not including my helpmeorganics spray but that’s understandable) which is the Creative Nature Goji Goodness Raw Super Food Flapjack. I have never ever liked these raw super food bars as I always thought that they have the most horrible texture but this was absolutely divine! It was so fruity and yummy. I even tweeted the girl that created these and told her how much I loved them! I was so surprised. This company was built by Matt and a lady called Julianne, who is a severe allergy sufferer and decided to just build a company that can help people like her still eat food that is healthy and nutritious. A few years later and Creative Nature products are now in shops like Holland and Barrett. I will link Julianne’s Instagram here as well as that is just as beautiful as her products.

And that’s everything in the box that I received. I am so happy that I stumbled across The Unibox! It is the loveliest idea and I can’t wait until I am at university next year and someone can buy me a subscription. If you would like to get your March box then you will need to be quick as they are only available until Midnight on Thursday (unless they sell out which is highly likely as everything in this box is so nice). If you go onto their website then there is also a 15% discount code on this months box too. If you want to buy a subscription to The Unibox for yourself or someone else then you can do:  a monthly subscription is £24.99 or you can buy 3 months for £23.98 per box or 6 months for £22.50 per box. (prices correct March 2017)

Plus, I also did an interview with The Unibox about starting helpmeorganics with my Mum. You can also read that on their blog too. What a busy little month it has been.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. I will be also uploading a post this week about my trip to Barcelona I had at the beginning of this month, focusing on how I found flying after 12 years of having my feet firmly on British ground.

Have a lovely day everybody!



  1. March 15, 2017 / 20:38

    THat’s funny coz I just recently read someone else taking about this box. It’s a really interesting concept and i would have loved to have this box around when I was at uni! Thanks for sharing! xx Corinne

  2. March 15, 2017 / 20:45

    Well done for getting your product in! That’s such a good achievement x

  3. March 15, 2017 / 20:47

    this sounds like such a great box, something i would want for sure if i was at uni, fab post x

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