March 2017

I have had such a lovely (and very busy) little month – well, it was my birthday in the middle of it so I was going to think that.

Firstly, I finally started my job. I am now a tutor at 2 high schools so that has been really cute. It has been a little bit of a challenge because I am helping out with subjects that I didn’t even take myself but I am starting to understand it a lot more now than I did this time 4 weeks ago. Also, it’s really nice helping people actually understand things that they haven’t been able to grasp in lessons – when they have a “light bulb” moment, I love it!

So while I have been doing that a few days a week, I have also been ticking things off of my new years resolution list: I have finally been on a plane! At the beginning of March, I went to Barcelona for a couple of days, which was amazing. I only went for a few days as the main reason was to get me used to flying again since I hadn’t been on a plane in 12 years. Good news, it worked and I would say that I am not scared of it. I have written a whole post on how I found flying after a massive gap between when I last flew and now. I will link it here. While I was in Barcelona, I visited a few places but mainly just had a walk about and explored the city. So much so, I walked over 27,000 steps in one day. One place I adored was Park Güell. It was absolutely stunning and the views were amazing.

Another exciting thing that happened this month is that our helpmeorganics sprays were included in The Unibox subscription boxes this month. So exciting! It was so fun to be involved in a subscription boxes as I got to hear back from so many people who said they loved their “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” room spray.  If you would like to try the spray or any of our other products then we have restocked up and they are available on our website (I have to do a little bit of self promo)

On the 15th of March, I went down to London to see Dreamgirls in the West End and it was unbelievable. I had always wanted to go and see Amber Riley as Effie as soon as it was announced that she would be playing that role but sadly, due to illness, she wasn’t able to perform that afternoon so Marisha Wallace filled her place and she certainly didn’t disappoint. When she sung “And I Am Telling You”, I got goosebumps because the power and emotion she put into the song was immense. While we were down in London, we also visited Covent Garden. I had never been before on a weekday when it’s slightly less manic and it was beautiful, especially Neal’s Yard’s courtyard, which was stunning. Also, I went in as I had really dry hands after going away and using hotel hand soap (I am a gentle flower and need fancy hand soap for some reason) and the lady in Neal’s Yard gave me a little sample of hand cream for the day, which was so nice of her.

Then came my favourite day of the year: my birthday. I was lucky enough to get really nice presents and have a lovely relaxed day. I honestly adore my birthday and, even if it’s dull or boring, I will still say it’s my favourite day. Thank you to anyone who said happy birthday on Twitter or Instagram.

Next month, I would like to:

  1. Have an amazing 2 weeks off as both of my schools broke up today.
  2. Something exciting is happening over at helpmeorganics this month so I hope that goes really well.
  3. Start exercising because I ate so much cake this month.


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