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Artemis & Xena are a subscription box that was created to help young women look after their mental health. As an anxiety suffer myself, I think that the idea behind this box is absolutely fantastic and is something that a lot of us need in our lives. When I heard about Artemis and Xena (A&X), I had to see what it was all about and how I could get involved. As you will all know by now, I help my Mum run a company called helpmeorganics which is a lifestyle brand creating aromatherapy products to help with everyday struggles and I thought that our products would sit perfectly in these subscriptions boxes. Hey presto, what have we here? Another subscription box with our room sprays inside? Yay! Ani from A&X kindly sent me a box to share with you all so here is A&X’s “Born to Sparkle” box:

For starters, A&X is now a quarterly subscription service that dispatches a box out every 3 months. Along with this, when you become a member, you will have access to all kinds of things like mindfulness practices, well-being tips, videos and more. If you would like to become a member or learn more about it then go on theirwebsite or sign up to their newsletter here.

When I opened my box, I was blown away with the number of things that you get. It is probably the fullest subscription box I have ever received! Along with all of your items, you also have a little booklet with loads of information about the products included in your box and some even have a little message from the company (for example, I was asked to write a little something in this box.) 

The first few items that I discovered were a notebook and a compact mirror made by Rachel Ellen Designs. Both are lovely and colourful and really stand out in the box. It is very rare that you get such large items in a subscription box and that is what I like about A&X. In the notebook, it is split into different sections: One for your to-do lists, a weekly planner section one for a shopping list and a notes section in the back. I love this because it is so confusing when you have lists for different things all over the place – it would be so much easier if everything was written down in one place.  Secondly, everyone needs a compact mirror. They are so useful to just have in your bag or keep in your car. It is much better than using the reflection in your phone.

The third item is the Good Full Stop Mocha and Caffeine Fruit and Nutbar (gosh, that’s a mouthful). I claim all the time that I can’t stand fruit bars but every time I get sent one and I have to try it, I love it. Honestly, this tastes amazing and it’s not even bad for you. I also love the fact that the company is based in Devon (you know how much I love a British company) and their bars are suitable for vegans. Other than our spray (of course), I think that this is my favourite thing in the entire box. I love trying new things and this has certainly been a winner in my eyes.

Next is the Earth Conscious natural deodorant. I was surprised to learn that this was a deodorant because it is actually in the form of a balm. If I am being completely honest, it claims to smell like lavender but I can’t actually smell that in it. I am guessing it is more of an odour neutraliser. It is a unique idea and I am excited to try it out. What I do like about this company is the fact that they use organic ingredients and are completely cruelty free, which every company should be.

Also, included in this box is a set of 5 eyeliners from E.l.f cosmetics. All five colours seem to have a little bit of sparkle in them which I think will be lovely to use in the festive season.  The colours included in the set is black, green, purple, orange and white. I haven’t tried these eyeliners yet but I will definitely have a go. E.l.f. is a world-renowned company so I am pleasantly surprised to receive these in the box.

One item that I am really excited to try is the Interstellar Relaxation eye masks. I adore anything like this – anything that means that I have to lie down and do nothing is a winner in my eyes. The packaging also helps me think that this is going to be something ultra-relaxing and calming. Even looking at their website makes me feel overcome with calm. Spacemasks claim that their eye masks will “transport you to another dimension – relieving tiredness, eye strain and many other Earthly tensions”.

Another item in the A&X box is the Aqua Max emollient cream. This cream claims to help with eczema, psoriasis and dry skin problems, which is perfect for me at the moment because as soon as hayfever gets a little worse, my hands dry up so much. I will certainly start trying this out as it would have to be amazing to make me hands as smooth as they are the rest of the year. This cream is also colour, fragrance and lanolin free and can also be used instead of soap or shower gel.

Also in this box, as I mentioned before, is our helpmeorganics “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” room spray. I am fully aware that you will all know by now about who we are and our products but for anyone who doesn’t know, we create organic, vegan and paraben free products to help you with your everyday issues: whether that feeling a little under the weather, can’t sleep or feeling on edge. We have tailor made different products to help using aromatherapy (essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances). Our spray that is in included in these boxes combine ginger, lavender, eucalyptus and melissa to encourage you to drift off into a natural sleep. I use this spray every night and I sleep right through till morning. You can browse all of our products on our website that you can find here.

Lastly, I would like to mention the little bits and bobs that A&X add into the box themselves. In my box, I received a little hair scrunchy, a pukka tea, some small hair bobbles, some nail stickers, a nail file and some simply argan night oil.

Overall, this box, in my opinion, is a perfect gift for any young teenagers that are experiencing a tough time with their mental health and need a few things to cheer them up. You can really tell that Ani from A&X has thought about every single thing she has included in her boxes and what she can put in them to make sure that all of her subscribers have a brighter day because of it.

The Born to Sparkle boxes are still available from and they are £16 but you will have to be quick because they have limited availability. If you want a yearly subscription (4 boxes per year) it would cost you £60. There are also other boxes available on their website.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I will see you all next week!

I was sent a box to review by Artemis & Xena but all opinions are my own. Prices correct May 2017



  1. May 21, 2017 / 20:16

    I am always a big suspicieuse of beauty boxes. The packaging is always great but the inside often a disappointment. This box looks amazing though! so big and so full! I didn’t know it but I’ll defo check it out! thanks for sharing! xx corinne

  2. May 21, 2017 / 20:17

    This is a very interesting concept behind a subscription box, I have never thought about there being one based off mental health, but that is very cool, thanks for sharing this!

  3. May 21, 2017 / 20:33

    This subscription box looks amazing, the amount of products for the price is amazing x

  4. May 21, 2017 / 20:50

    Ohh I love subscription boxes!! It’s like a present every month!! So many amazing bits in this one xx

  5. May 21, 2017 / 20:52

    Absolutely love the concept of this box, really lovely idea as a little pick me up on bad days and stuffed with all kinds of goodies x

  6. May 21, 2017 / 21:42

    This post caught my eye and it’s really made me realise that I need to subscribe!! It has everything I love in one box! I’m glad I’ve come across this! Thanks for writing this!

  7. Kayleigh Zara
    May 21, 2017 / 21:53

    This looks absolutely amazing! I’m not really a fan of subscription boxes normally but this looks great so many brands and products x

    Kayleigh Zara

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