The Royal Cheshire County Show

I am very excited to announce that I will be visiting the Royal Cheshire County Show this year as a blogger to write about the event and my experience while I am there. Because of this, I would like to talk about the Cheshire Show, what it is, why you should go.

**disclaimer** Just to clarify, the organisers of the Cheshire Show haven’t asked me to write about them, haven’t given me anything to say and haven’t paid me to write this blog post or mention them at all on my blog. I have chosen to myself because I adore the Cheshire Show and I like to write about places in my home town that I enjoy visiting.

The Cheshire Show is a massive county agricultural show that happens every single year in Knutsford, Cheshire. This year it’s on Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st of June. Even though you may see the word “agricultural” and think that it’s mainly aimed at farmers and country folk, it’s not. Yes, it may have your typical show jumping and there may be a few tractors here and there but it is so much more than that.

If you are proud of being either from Cheshire or just generally being from the North West of England, you can happily and proudly celebrate that here as most people at the show want to celebrate it too! I will certainly be feeling extremely proud of our county when I attend. Whenever I have visited the Cheshire Show, I feel like everyone adores discovering how many amazing people from Cheshire or the North West do amazing things and I think that you will too when I start informing you on what is going to be at this year’s Cheshire Show.

Firstly, the food hall, which is named the “Robert’s Bakery Food Live Theatre” this year, is definitely somewhere to go if you are a food lover. There is every food you can think of but us Cheshire folk love our pies and cheese. Let’s just say, it isn’t somewhere to go if you are on a diet and don’t want temptation. This year, there are two chefs visiting the show to do some live demonstrations: Jean-Christophe Novelli and the Great British Bake Off Season 5 finalist Luis Troyano (who I really want to meet! I adore GBBO so much – I could actually go on Mastermind with it as my specialist subject). They will be using all locally sourced produce in their dishes as well, which is such a nice touch. As well as this, both chefs will be judging the mini bake off that is going to be at the Cheshire Show this year. Visitors are invited to bring their own baked goods (either pies or cakes) and have them judged in order to win the bake off. There will be 3 categories: Under 12s, Amateurs and Professionals to allow a variety of skills enter the competition. I now wish I could actually bake something without burning it so I could enter haha.

Secondly, we have the trade tents. These are always one of my favourite areas because I love a good nosey at all of the businesses and what they make. Me and my Mum are hoping to get helpmeorganics there next year so I will be doing my research also. The trade tents house all of the local talent and businesses that our region has to offer. Companies from all over the UK are welcome to come but I believe that the focus is on local businesses, which I think is lovely. I hope to see some familiar companies so that I can feel proud to have known them before coming to the Cheshire Show.

There is also a NAFAS Floral Marquee at the show this year, which I don’t think I have visited before. A whole marquee of colourful flowers makes me excited for all of the amazing Insta pics I could be snapping. This marquee houses the Cheshire Floral Design competition. This year’s title is “What a Wonderful World”. They are also hosting a competition called “Grandad’s Allotment” which encourages youngsters to get involved in gardening. If you would like to see the schedule for this year’s competition if you plan on visiting then you can download it from here.

Outside are the main attractions: competitions, displays and entertainment. As well at the Tabley Eye making a return (a giant ferris wheel), there are also countless competitions occurring throughout the day: show jumping competitions, a number of livestock competitions (e.g. rare breeds, sheep, goats, cattle) and also, as previously mentioned, the floral competitions and the bake off to name a few. All are held in front of an open audience so no need to book a ticket, just sit on a hay bale and watch as the judges select their winner. There are many displays happening throughout the day: pony club games, birds of prey, eagle and vulture displays and even the Scots Guard Association Pipe band. Let’s just say, as soon as you come out of a marquee, you will be greeted with something new to see.

I could go on all day. The Royal Cheshire County Show is a full two days out. It is amazing and surely not an event to be missed. If you live in the North West then it will certainly be plastered all over your TV screens, featured in programmes like Countrywise and Countryfile and will probably be mentioned on most local radios as well.

If you would like to attend one or both of the days then you can buy tickets from the website. Tickets cost £17 for an adult (aged 16+) and £8 for a child (aged 5-15) per day but will cost more if bought on the day.

I will be live tweeting my way thought the Cheshire Show so keep an eye on my Twitter on the 20th and the 21st of June.

If you decide to go then I hope you have a wonderful day!



  1. June 8, 2017 / 07:29

    This sounds like the ultimate festival with food, fun and (hopefully) the sun!

    Taking your own baked goods to be judged sounds like something fun to do!
    Haha, I think you should still give it a go! You have 12 days to perfect your baking!


  2. June 11, 2017 / 20:15

    This sounds like such an amazing event! I have never been to such an event! I feel like I am missing out! xx corinne

  3. June 11, 2017 / 22:20

    What an amazing event – such a shame it’s mid-week though… really wish i could go and (basically) eat everything!

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