The Royal Cheshire County Show: Day One

I have just come back from day 1 of the Cheshire Show and gosh was that I busy day. Sadly, I didn’t stay for as long as I hoped as it was SO HOT but I did still manage to have a lovely day having a look around the show. The atmosphere was already amazing at 10am when I arrived and stayed like that for the rest of the day. When strolling in, I saw people getting their horses ready for competitions, school children anxiously waiting in the performance area ready to sing for us all and fancy business people handing out free anything and everything. It was certainly busy!

The first place I went to was the main ring in the center of the show grounds (to be honest I only went there because I had no idea where I was on the map but I could see loads of people and just followed them – I was bad at orienteering at school and I am still bad now haha.) Here, everything was going on: In the main ring at the time was some kind of combine harvester showing and yes, it doesn’t sound that exciting but I honestly, I never knew how massive they were. I was happy to just sit down in the sun and relax before all of the walking began. Also, on the opposite side of the main ring was the members area, which was very fancy and beautiful. I have popped a picture below so you can see what I mean.

After walking around all the stands, having a nosey at a few of the places that I have mentally and a note to go back to tomorrow, me and my Dad decided to have a little time out in the flower marquee. It was absolutely STUNNING in there and the arrangements were exquisite (I never thought I would ever use that word but if I were ever to use it, now would be the time.) The theme for this year is “What a Wonderful World” and there are 10 competitive classes and 4 non-competitive to have a little look at. My favourite competition by far was the “Grandad’s Allotment” challenge which encourages us youngsters to get involved with gardening. Throughout the day, there were also many activities for both adults and children. One being on how to make jewellery out of plant materials and flowers.

Next, I stumbled across the show jumping competition. I have actually never watched a horse jumping competition which hasn’t been in the Olympics on the televisions so it was a first for me. It is unbelievably how people my age or even younger can train a horse so well! I am not sure who won today but they were all amazing to be honest. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow and see some more.

While hunting for something to eat in the food hall, I saw Luis from the Great British Bake Off (which I was SO happy about I adore the Bake Off) bake a fruity bread thing that looked absolutely delicious! His demonstration was so laid back and casual. It actually felt like we were all invited into his kitchen to just see what he’s cooking today and that created such a nice atmosphere. I actually went up to the front afterwards to say hi and he was so lovely! A little fun fact, if you watch North West Tonight on the BBC and watch his little segment on it, you can actually see me and my dad in the background discussing how because I have walked to the front, I look like all I want is to be on TV haha.

Finally, just before I went home and just before it hit too hot to function, we decided to have a final look around some more of the trade stalls dotted around the show. I stumbled across this company that creates the loveliest lip balms. The company is called Elegance Natural Skin Care and they are cruelty free. The lip balm that I purchased is made using honey but the taste and smell isn’t too sweet, which I love. The packaging is nice and simple which reflects their brand beautifully. It is the first purchase of many more to come tomorrow I am sure.

If you plan on going to the Royal Cheshire County Show tomorrow then you are definitely, without a doubt, going to have a lovely time! Just slather yourself with sun cream because I thought I did but I still resemble a lobster. The weather guy on the television has said that it’s going to be as high as 29 degrees so keep it in mind. I will be here the same time tomorrow night with my Day Two round up.

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  1. June 20, 2017 / 21:13

    We went today and had such a good time but I am so burnt
    Honestly if it was t so hot, we would go again tomorrow

  2. June 21, 2017 / 08:24

    I think you did a post recently where you mentioned this show…and now its here! So exciting!

    Haha, I probably would have followed the mass of people too- before i got my bearings!

    Looks like so much fun!


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