The Royal Cheshire County Show: Day Two

What an amazing couple of days! Overall, the Cheshire Show this year has been amazing (the weather has helped slightly but you still have to hand it to them.) Today, I went with my best friend Ashleigh so my experience was a little different than yesterdays, which was lovely.

This morning, we arrived a little earlier than we did yesterday so it was slightly quieter. After we walked through the gates, we just went on a little stroll to get our bearings (I didn’t even bother with the map this time, I am just so awful knowing where I am so I thought I would just wing it.) We found ourselves looking at some beautiful photography entries in this year competitions and even casting a vote on our favourites. Sadly, we didn’t see know won in the end but they were all amazing so I don’t mind. We also went back into the floral marquee, Ashleigh was more into it than my Dad so it was nice to stroll around a little slower to actually have a look. A lady actually came up to us to see if we were interested in joining the “Flower Arranging Society” and she was quite persuasive to be honest haha. Although I am extremely busy at the moment and won’t be able to join, I would actually recommend it. It would be such a lovely little time out just playing around with flowers on a Tuesday afternoon or something!

Secondly, we strolled into the “Shopping Mews” marquee which housed all the trade stalls. I picked up 3 adorable cards which had the cutest of illustrations on them. All 3 were from a company called “Cheerful Geek”. I love a pun and these cards were so un-funny that they were funny and I love that. I have only popped a picture in of the front one with a reference to Dirty Dancing because the other two will be for my Mum and Dad next year on Mother’s and Father’s day and I don’t want them to see them. This stall also had disney pin badges, typography pictures and a range of other things. Everything is hand crafted in Wrexham in Wales, which is only a little drive away from where I live so I love that it’s such a local company!


For the rest of the day, my hay fever was horrendous! My eyes felt like they needed to be popped out, washed and popped back in again. We decided to have a break for a moment to see if they would calm down and watched some show jumping again. It’s become one of my new favourite things to watch – it’s so calming. There was one girl who completed every single jump perfectly and she looked so chuffed with herself and I like watching positive things like that.

Nearer to the end of the day, we spotted the large ferris wheel near the center of the show grounds. We had to go on it. I didn’t take a picture at the top because I was SO scared I would drop my phone or something silly like that. Plus, I never realised how weird I am about heights, it was so much higher than I thought. The view was incredible though and I could see for miles. It was a lovely way to end a lovely couple of days.

The Royal Cheshire County Show is an annual event. If you could manage to catch it this year, no need to worry, it will be on again next year. It’s always on a Tuesday and a Wednesday in June. I couldn’t recommend visiting enough.

Thank you to the lovely people at Bella Design for allowing me to write a blog post about my visit and for giving my some press passes, which made me feel very fancy.

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