June 2017

Happy end of June everyone! I can’t believe it’s now closer to next Christmas than the last one – CRAZY! I have had the weirdest of months because it has been so randomly busy in places then really quiet in others. I have loads of things to tell you all about though so let’s get started:

Something that I do want to mention is that I visited my best friend at university in Huddesfield at the very beginning of this month. I was SO nervous to drive all the way there but I actually did it! Note to self, if you paid a lot for a sat nav, it is probably because it actually works and tells you what to do so stop stressing, haha.

Firstly, the one thing that has taken over my life at the moment is LOVE ISLAND. How on Earth have I lived without ever watching this show? I am obsessed, honestly! For anyone who hasn’t seen this, it’s a television show that puts some single ladies and some single guys in a villa and makes them couple up with each other because if they don’t, they are kicked off the island. Also, they make them do sneaky and saucy challenges to create even more tension and drama. It’s amazing.

The second thing that I would like to recap on is my 56 Days of Summer post that announces my plan for the summer. I hope to post a brand-new blog post every single day between when I finish my job on the 21st of June until I move to university on the 16th of September. That’s 56 blog posts. I would like to also work with some companies and bloggers on a few posts and would love to hear from anyone that is interested in doing a collaboration or guest post within my 56 days. You can email me at contact@clairesyear.com if you are interested and I would love to hear from you! I already have a few bloggers lined up for later in the year so that will be really exciting.

Another MASSIVE thing that I did this month was visit the Cheshire Show as “Press”. Yes, that’s right: I walked around all day with a badge on that said press and I was able to blog for both of the days. It was a shame it was so hot but other than that, it was amazing (as always). It was a wonderful opportunity and I was so glad that I was able to do it.

A few days after the Cheshire Show, I visited the LJMU Open Day to finally have a look at my accommodation. I feel like I chosen the right accommodation so I am a happy bunny. Yes, my room is tiny and the common area isn’t exactly huge but everything looks unbelievably clean and it’s close to where my lectures will be so I am pleased. While I was there, I also had a look around the other bits and bobs like the societies and Freshers events so I can thoroughly look forward to university.

Then, a day later, yes, my week was actually that busy, was the Yipiyap Fit for Future Day (FFF Day). If you weren’t aware, I am currently a Maths Tutor for Yipiyap, a gap year agency that helps gap year students fill their year with tutoring so that they stay in the school and learning environment ready for university. It’s perfect for people who are wanting to re-sit any A-Levels but people like me who didn’t are also perfectly welcome. The FFF Day was the very first that Yipiyap had ever had but it was lovely. We had our own little timetable for the day. We had a “cooking for university presentation” by Sodexo first, then a first aid demonstration by LDA Training (which I found so handy because I hadn’t done any first aid since Brownies when I was 8) and then an emotional Intelligence Talk by AO (by the way, they used this video to see how we react to certain things and you have to watch it if you want to have a giggle!) We also had other things like a mini awards ceremony as well at the end. It was so nice to go and meet our tutors as well as I actually hadn’t met any of them because I was a late comer only starting at the beginning of March.

Thankfully, my last week of June has been very quiet and calm so I can top up my sleep for this weekend as I am going away (to Wales, don’t get too excited) but I couldn’t have done it on the empty barrel that I was starting with at the beginning of this week.

Next month, I would like to:
1. Attend to the Darnhall Show in Cheshire with helpmeorganics

2. Finish my job – I can’t believe it is coming to an end but on the 21st, I will be waving both high schools good bye

3. Start 56 Days of Summer

I hope you all have an amazing July!


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  1. July 8, 2017 / 20:58

    I loved reading this post, I loved how your overall post was about June as a month and what goals you want to achieve next month! the horse is beautiful!!!

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