Day #3 A Letter to Myself on the First Day of Uni

Hi Claire,

Firstly, if you are reading this after you have moved in and you have put all your stuff everywhere then I would like to say congratulations! A new home, how grown up and fancy are you? I am sat here with 54 days of summer left and I am kind of excited to be where you are now. I like to think that, if you are freaking out, so are thousands of other people in the exact same university as you. And there are probably loads of other people that were meant to move in on the same day as you but didn’t because they weren’t ready. You, my friend, are ready. You are fully aware that you have been ready for the last few months and don’t forget that. You don’t just spring back to being the same person you were years ago in two seconds so be the stronger Claire you know you are now.

Right, pep talk over. I know your room is so tiny but I hope it is looking amazing. By September, I will have bought loads of money wasting “bits and bobs” to make my room look cute and homely. Hopefully your house mates have also popped into your room and said “oh my gosh Claire, your room in so pretty” as that is the aim. I hope that my view isn’t too bad either as Liverpool is a lovely city. You watch, my view is probably of barbed wire or something haha. I hope my flat mates are really cool. This would be really awkward if they are evil and mean. I’m sure they won’t be. If you haven’t met them properly yet then put the kettle on and move past all their door with tea and coffee options like an air hostess. Who cares if you feel silly, maybe a few of them will be up for a drink (preferably a non-alcoholic beverage) and you can all chat about how terrified you all are and you can bond over it. That, and your love for High School Musical.

I hope that your timetable doesn’t look too evil. I don’t mind a 9am lecture to be honest, it’s more the 2pm ones that I dislike as you can’t do anything else with your day. Hopefully you get to know a few people taking the same course as you too. That would be quite handy because we know how clingy you can be when you don’t know anyone haha! I am sure if you go in with the “hi, how are you” opener then you will be absolutely fine. Just remember, for the past 5 months you have been teaching some very opinionated kids maths and somehow you managed that.

Finally, I hope Mum and Dad were OK. I know you are the apple of their eyes and all that jazz but surely, they will be OK. Dad was probably a blubbering mess for a bit then he probably realised how close I live to Anfield and how he can stop over to nip the loo and he will be happy again. Then Mum was also a blubbering mess but she will enjoy the food bills being half as big. And she will like the fact that I won’t be in the shower for 23 hours of the day. In all seriousness though, most parents are lost without their kids when they move out but all parents also get used to it as quick as you will get used to it too. Just send Mum a text every now and again saying that you are OK and all will be fine.

Finally, try to have fun. I know you aren’t a partyer and don’t really have any wish to be a partyer but that doesn’t mean that everyone that likes to party is some raving alcoholic that will scare you to death. Remember, every single person you have ever spoken to about university has said that they know a few people that don’t drink and it’s no big deal to them. Plus, not every single social is a party. I have heard of days out, café meeting and everything like that which is so up your street. Just do things like that.

Enjoy it bud.



See you all tomorrow!


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