Day #5 My BULB Magazine Publication: Craving Independence

Good afternoon everybody and welcome to day 5 of the 56 Days of Summer. Today’s is a little different as it has been published over on BULB Magazine. When I heard that BULB were looking for bloggers to write for them, I jumped at the chance. I have never written for somebody else and I really wanted to push myself and have a go and I am SO glad that I did! BULB is an online magazine that posts a variety of blog posts written by bloggers – it’s like a little community where we can write a really interesting and thought provoking post and send it in to them. They will then have a read and let you know when they would like to post it. The confirmation email explaining how they loved my post and that they were going to publish it was the nicest thing to receive in my inbox.

The post I written is entitled “Craving Independence”. Since I have been on my gap year, my independence scale has shot up. I don’t think that is solely because I am a year older, I think it’s because I have given myself time and space to naturally become more independent. Whether that’s through going somewhere on my own or making quite large decisions independently, I have done them gradually and at my own speed. This is how I think we all should grow but time always seems to be something that nobody has. I have about 60/70 years (hopefully) left on this planet so if having a year out of chaotic life then so be it. I feel like it has helped me drift towards being the person that I wanted to be last July.

I know this is probably a cheat day as my post was pre-written and isn’t even post on my blog but I just didn’t want to take away the pride I have for the post that is now posted on the BULB mag website. If you would like to have a read of it, I will link the post HERE and you can go over to their website. BULB are always looking for some bloggers that would like to submit a blog post for their magazine. They are lovely and will appreciate any posts that you submit. I hope you have all had a lovely day and I will see you tomorrow with a new blog post. Toodaloo!


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