Day #7 15 Things That Make Me Happy

Good evening everybody! Today I am going to write about a few little things that make me happy. I just felt like writing about something really happy and positive today so that is what I am doing.

  1. When I naturally wake up before 9am on a day off when I didn’t have to wake up before 9am. Nobody likes wasting life.

2. When Hanna and Caleb are untouched in an episode of PLL.

3. When Chris tweets Kem to confess his undying love for him.

4. When you go shopping on pay day knowing that your bank account looks as healthy as an Olympic athlete.

5. When you get your haircut and you walk out of the salon looking like your life is all together.

6. When you come home to your Mum filling the fridge with all the new food she just bought.

7. When you are about to go on holiday and everyone is telling you how jealous they are of you. This sounds mean but for the other 350+ days of the year, I have been low key (high key) jealous of them so this is my time.

8. When you receive post and it’s not your bank, a bill or your new clubcard from Tesco.

9. When someone else’s dog approaches you for love instead of the other way around.

10. When someone compliments your outfit and you do a 360 spin and say casually “oh, this old thing?” even though you want to do a little boogie.

11. When you walk into your room and your Mum has been an absolute babe and changed your bed. Diving into crisp and clean duvets with a clean bod is the best thing.

12. When your High School Musical soundtrack starts on shuffle. Don’t lie, you still know the lyrics to Fabulous.

13. When your Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtrack starts on shuffle. Don’t lie, you still know the dance to the Hoedown Throwdown.

14. When nobody else is home and you can put the High School Musical and Hannah Montana: The Movie soundtracks on and have the time of your life.

15. When you are driving and you let someone pull out and they say thank you 5 billion times. It’s OK, I’m a nice person, just dedicate your day to me and I will be thanked.

If you think of anything that makes you happy, pop them in the comments below. I will see you all tomorrow for Day 8 (oh my gosh, a week, I’ve done it woo) ok, bye!



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