Day #10 My ASOS Wishlist

Good evening. Can you believe it? I have made it to double figures! Today I will be sharing my ASOS wishlist with you because I adore ASOS and I don’t think I have express it enough on my blog so far. I have always said that my ASOS saved bag was a work of art so here is my time to prove it haha. Let me know in the comments below if you think I should buy any of these. (I will link everything as well incase you love these items as much as me and want to order them yourself)

The first item is this pair of Pull&Bear Leather Look Knot Flatform Trainers. I adore these so much and they have sat in my saved bag for a good few months while they come back in my size. I actually ordered these a few days ago but ASOS sent some random other shoes. To be fair to them, they were in the wrong box but I was so sad that I still didn’t have them. They are so up my street. I’m still waiting haha.

Secondly, we have the Boohoo Embroidered Tassel Trim MiniSundress. How beautiful is this? If I had a sunny summer holiday to go to, this would have already been ordered and in my suitcase. It is so cute! I just think it would be a little bit of a waste in this country but I do still love it. I like the Grecian vibe it has.

I have really started to love these style of tops. This is the ASOS Cami in Crinkle with Button Front. Yes it there is quite a lot of boobage but it still looks so comfortable and relaxed – plus, I adore wearing white because ti makes me look slightly less pale haha. The only thing is, the straps aren’t adjestable and, because I am petite, the top will hang a lot lower and ever more boobage will be on show.

I am not the kind of person who wears a lot of jewellery but I really like the look of chokers and I am so tempted to treat myself to one! This one is called the Liars and Lovers Sterling Silver Diamond Drop Choker and it has a little gem pendant hanging in the middle of a really delicately fine chain. I like how simple it looks and I think it would look lovely dressed up or down. At £12, I might treat myself.

Finally, we have my absolutely fave: The Comino Couture Halter Neck Printed Skater Mini Dress. Just like the shoes, this dress has been sitting in my saved bag ready for when it comes back in stock in my size so I can get it. It was £120 but is now down to £60 and I am sop excited for this to come into my size! I just think it is gorgeous and I really want to buy it for absolutely no reason – just for fun to walk around in it and feel pretty. (edit: I actually ordered this after writing this post and it showed a little more side boob than I thought it would so, sadly, I have to send it back. The pattern is as beautiful in person though!)

And there is a sneak peak into my ASOS saved bag. I love all of these pieces and I will probably find an excuse to buy them all haha. Just to mention, no affiliate links were used in the making of this post. I wish ASOS new who I was and started to give me things but sadly, they don’t… even though my name will come up a lot in their warehouse as I am always ordering haha. I will see you all tomorrow with day #11 of the 56 days of summer. Bye guys!

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