Day #11 My Top 10 Movies Of All Time

I have decided that every Tuesday, while I am daily blogging, is going to become #Top10Tuesdays and today’s post is all about my top 10 movies! I love cuddling up in bed and watching a movie so making this list was just as difficult as my top 10 songs (which I will link HERE just in case you would like to see that post too!) Anyway, here we go, my top 10 favourite movies of all time:

Yes, I have managed to list them in order because my number 1 is my all time go to movie for any mood and I wanted to give it the podium that it deserves.

10. Dirty Dancing

Who doesn’t love a little bit of Patrick Swayze making sure that Baby isn’t put in a corner. When I was a younger, my Mum said that she wouldn’t let me see this movie because I need to be old enough to appreciate how amazing it is and she wasn’t wrong. I love a classic movie but this is one of the best. To summarise the movie for anybody that hasn’t seen it, Dirty Dancing is about a girl called Baby who is on holiday with her family at a resort and she meets Johnny, a dance instructor, and she falls in love with him. I would recommend it to anybody who hasn’t seen it yet!

9. High School Musical 3

If you have read any other blog posts of mine, you probably already know the amount of love I have for my childhood movies. It was very difficult to work out which of the High School Musical movies I adored the most but I just think the whole of the third movie was perfect. The story line, characters and soundtrack are just so much better in this one than the others. I grew up with High School Musical so watching any of them make me feel nostalgic and I think, when I go to university and feel homesick, this movie will make me feel much better.

8. Endless Love

This is one of the least realistic movies I have ever seen but I love that. I am a lover of a romance movie and this certainly is one of those. It’s about a girl who meets a boy and they do anything they can to be together, even if the girls father doesn’t want them to be in each others lives. Yes, it does have the feel to Romeo and Juliet to the story line but it is certainly not the same. It’s a wonderful feel good movie.

7. Burlesque

Not only is Christina Aguilera the most amazing vocalist but she is also an amazing dancer and actress! She plays a girl called Allie who moves to the big city to make it as a performer and finds herself in a burlesque lounge where she becomes a massive star. Her supporting actress in Cher so it’s not like it’s going to be an awful movie is it? I adore this movie for when I am doing a bit of work and I can have it on in the background as the soundtrack is amazing as well and I can sing along when I’m busy haha.

6. If I stay

This is not a movie to watch if you have just done your mascara and you could do with keeping it in place. This movie is one of the most heart-wrenching and dramatic movies I have ever seen but I love it! A girl called Mia (played by Chloe Grace Mortez) meets Adam and falls in love with him. But, one snowy day, she is in a horrific car accident and gets put in a coma. While in hospital, she has flashbacks to moments with Adam and how their relationship blossomed and how it got complicated as well. It’s a beautiful story and is also one of them movies with a cracking ending.

5. Letters to Juliet

I think you have probably worked out by now that, when I say I love a romance, I really mean it. This movie is no exception. It’s all about a girl called Sophie who is on her honeymoon in Verona with this fella who shows her no attention at all. She then meets a group of women who call themselves the secretaries of Juliet and their role is to answer the letters that people write to Juliet. Sophie joins them and finds a letter written 50 years ago and decides to write back. Let’s leave it there because it wouldn’t be a movie is the lady doesn’t get the first flight to Verona would it and I don’t want to spoil the unbelievable story that is in this movie. Definitely a must watch if you are feeling in the cute and heart-melting mood. Another movie that leaves you feeling all happy.

4. Princess Diaries 2: the Royal Engagement

I grew up with the Princess Diaries movies but the second one is by far my favourite. Don’t get me wrong, the first one is still a lovely watch but it’s lovely to see Mia grow up and, you can probably guess, fall in love. She has a wonderful relationship with Julie Andrews in this movie and it’s lovely to watch. I tend to watch this movie if I am feeling a little under the weather as, if I fall asleep at any time, I will know exactly where I am up to when I wake up. I can probably recite the whole script.

3. The Notebook

This movie doesn’t need an explanation to why it is in my top 3. Not only an incredibly written story line but the performance from both Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is incredibly and moving. You’d think they were a couple in real life and they were in love. The emotion portrayed through the screen hits me like a train but I love that feeling. Yes, I bawl my eyes out but I feel like I get so invested in the movie that I don’t mind showing my emotion. The ending to this movie is awfully sad but perfect at the same time. Brilliance. Pure brilliance.

2. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally was my all time, untouchable, favourite until recently. I ADORE THIS MOVIE! I will never not enjoy watching this at any time in any mood in any location. I don’t need to explain the story line as you should just trust the fact that this movie has to have been watched by everybody at least once. I instantly calm when I listen to the first couple talk about their marriage. Instantly.

And number 1. Love, Rosie

If I could have designed a movie and added all of my favourite things into one incredible movie, this would be it. Romance, a hint of comedy, time jumps where you follow their story, a beautiful and perfect ending. All of it are in this movie. When I first watched this movie, I watched it in the morning. By the end of the same day, I had already rewatched it I loved it that much. I can’t believe perfection can actually be found in a film. It’s about a girl called Rosie who has a best friend called Alex, who she is in love with but doesn’t realise. She kisses him at her birthday party but is so drunk that she doesn’t remember the next day but Alex does and that’s where it starts. They constantly miss eachother between university, boyfriends and girlfriends, babies, marriages and funerals. Everything seems to go wrong for the two of them but they still come back to each other. A MUST watch!

And that’s my top 10. I do have a certain genre and I can’t help it hahaa. I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you tomorrow with day #12.



  1. August 2, 2017 / 20:27

    Love Rosie is definitely my N°1 too! Love that film so much I could watch it everyday ^^ also a big fan of High School Musical, Burlesque & Dirty Dancing :p


  2. Caitlin Steele
    August 2, 2017 / 20:36

    You have an amazing taste in films! I love literally every single one of these. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out About Time, incredible film, one of my all-time faves!

  3. August 2, 2017 / 20:47

    If I Stay & Love, Rosie are my favourite films ever!! Fab post lovely!

    Love, Melissa x

  4. August 2, 2017 / 21:14

    Oh yes high school musical 3 is the best of them all and the princess diaries!! Have you heard they are making a new one? I’m so excited for that ❤


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