Day #13 The Really Good Box – July Box Review

Here it is: the July box from The Really Good Box! I adore writing about any subscription boxes that our helpmeorganics products are included in and this is no exception. When I first heard about this subscription box, I immediately had to email them as I thought that her boxes supported values that matched ours. If you would like to know a little more about the ethos behind this company, I written a blog post all about them yesterday and you can click HERE to read it. This month’s box was exploding with yummy treats and relaxing remedies that I am excited to share with you so, let’s get started!:

After lifting up the lid and peeling away the tissue paper, I was greeted by a beautifully illustrated card with a lady performing the yoga pose called the “Child’s Pose”, which is actually the name of this box. I adore this because it suggests that the box if going to be full of goodies that will help me feel relaxed and calm, which I think we all need in our lives. On the reverse, it gave me instructions on how to perfectly recreate the child’s pose myself and how to gain all the benefits that it can give. I thought that this was a lovely touch and a warm welcome to explore everything else inside the box. I was also given a little menu of all of the contents and why they have been chosen to feature inside this month’s box.

Firstly, we have Simply SeedZ Apple and Cinnamon Porridge. This porridge is handmade in Worcestershire, which is lovely because it’s a British small business and I think we should all support and promote small British businesses. None of their products have added salt or sugar so the product inside is as natural as possible. I believe I was sent this as a little something extra from the lovely Hannah at The Really Good Box. This was actually featured in the June “The Tree Box” and if you would like to grab yourself a box then it is still available to order from the website. I will link it HERE. Sadly, I am not a lover of cinnamon so I am not going to be giving this one a go but I am sure it won’t last long in our house. What I do love though is that every single ingredient is recognisable. I remember someone once saying that you should always eat things that use ingredients that your grandparents would recognise. My Nana would know all of the ingredients in this tub therefore I think it is a safe bet that you are only popping goodness into your body if this was your choice of breakfast.

Secondly, we have a Neal’s Yard “soothing bath oil”. My Mum has previously sold Neal’s Yard in her salon so I am a lover of Neal’s Yard anyway but their products are quite pricey. This oil is used in the bath and creates an aroma that deeply relaxes you as well as conditions your skin. If you have a peak on their website and read their description then you will also want a bath as I do right now as well haha. I have just taken the lid off to have a sniff and the smell is very relaxing yet very subtle. I think you would smell amazing after the bath when you used this! I think it would be a bath worth sitting in for a few hours, even if you end up looking a little wrinkly haha.

Next, we have Bath and Body Works hand sanitiser. If you know me well, you will know that I will not leave the house without a sufficient amount of hand sanitiser with me. I think I have about 4 pots of it in the car and about 3 in my bag. I just think that there will always be a moment when I am out and I just want to feel cleaner. This one smells quite fruity but not in a Claire’s Accessories body spritz kind of way. I would say it’s more like a tropical burst of freshness. I quite like it actually and I am not really a fruity smell kind of girl. All I am hoping is that the little beads inside aren’t micro-beads because I don’t want to be contributing to the death of sea life like cute turtles and fish. If you want to learn more about micro-beads and how they harm our planet then you can go over to my post from last Saturday and I explain all about it. I will leave the link HERE.

When I saw these two in my box, I am SO happy. I adore food in general but trying out new fitness food crazes is so fun. Here we have two different energy bars from Clif, a foody company based in California. They have the most amazing brand values and I would like to share a quote from their website: “Our food will be made with sustainable, organic  ingredients; baked with clean, renewable energy; packed in environmentally friendly packaging; and delivered by transportation that doesn’t pollute”. Wow, I think that is incredible!

They create amazingly HUGE bars – I think my hands are of a normal size and look at them in comparison: massive. My Mum and I decided to try them and we both preferred different ones. The oatmeal, raisin and walnut one was nice but I could taste cinnamon and I really dislike anything with even 0.000000001% of a dusting of cinnamon but the white chocolate and macadamia nut one was delicious. I had that one with my dinner, not that I am planning on weight lifting or anything else that requires a lot of energy today.

Now, here is my favourite thing from the whole entire box: a SeedBom. I ADORE THIS! I haven’t heard of this before today but I am instantly in love with the whole concept of a tub of seeds that you “throw and grow”. You shake it, open it, fill the little bom up with water little by little until it’s wet and soft then you throw it and it will grow. That is so cool honestly. All of the flowers in my SeedBom are nectar rich wildflowers that are perfect for bees. I am beyond excited for mine to start growing! Yes, I have thrown my SeedBom (or rather placed it nicely in a pot) and I will keep you posted on its journey.

This is the first subscription box that has included a full sized “help me, it’s way past my bedtime” candle (which is only £9.50 on our website!) We blended ginger, melissa, eucalyptus and lavender together to create a blend that is perfect to relax to. All of our products are vegan, organic and paraben free. We would never use anything that would cause any harm to our planet. All candles are hand poured by our aromatherapist Linda, who has been an aromatherapist for over 25 years. We are Cheshire based and love what we do. I could go on for hours about how passionate we are about our products but that would be very boring for you so I am going to stop here. If you want to learn more about us and our products then you can visit our website

Next, we have some jelly dinosaurs from Biona Organic. Yes, they are little sweets in the shape of dinosaurs and yes, they are very tasty. I am not really a fan of sweets but these are so nice. They are organic, gluten free, contain no gelatine and are suitable for vegans, which is amazing! They have a lovely fruity taste and are a little less sugary than other sweets but I quite like that. These are very cute and I would highly recommend trying these. I haven’t checked but I am guessing they are a little pricier then your normal Haribos but they are worth the extra pound.

This next item is from Halo Coco and it’s a coconut milk and vanilla drink. Sadly, like the porridge, I am not a fan of vanilla (I know, it’s weird but yeah, I’m not a fan) therefore my Dad will be the one having this. One thing that is quite nice about this product is that it is dairy free. I understand that dairy is a brilliant source of calcium but it can also be quite claggy so having an alternative is always a nice thing to have. The bottle is also a brilliant size. Again, in comparison with my hand, you will see how big it is. This company is also based in London: another good British company!

Next, we have two soaps: one from Friendly Soap Ltd and one from Rocky Mountain Soap. Both smell amazing! They are also the perfect size to take on holiday, which is always handy. The first of my soaps is a lavender scented one from Rocky Mountain: a company based in Canada. Can I just mention that this soap smells incredible! I normally get quite bored of lavender scents but this one is amazing. They also have a toxin-free movement that you can join that included toxin-free days, events and parties as well as regular newsletters. It sounds so lovely! The second is a different soap from Friendly Soap. These soaps are handmade in the UK and are earth, animal and skin friendly. I believe this one is also lavender scented but I am not entirely sure, it smells lovely as well though. Again, it’s a perfect travel sized soap, good for holibobs.

Finally, we have some Post-it notes. These aren’t just any bog standard Post-it notes though, these ones are 100% recycled! This is a brilliant idea because everybody has some of these lying about and if all of them were 100% recycled then that might make a little bit of difference. They will certainly be coming to university with me in September.

And that is everything that I had in my The Really Good Box. I think that this is one of the best subscription boxes that I have ever seen, it was overflowing with lovely goodies! The mixture of items is amazing and the fact that everything is cruelty free, vegan and organic where possible is amazing. If you would like to subscribe then you can do so HERE. Each box is £20 per month or you can buy a set of 3 months for £55, 6 months for £110 or 12 months for £220. You can also give the subscription as a gift. I hope you have enjoyed reading about The Really Good Box July Box Review and I will see you tomorrow with Day #14.



Prices correct as of August 2017. I was gifted this box by The Really Good Box.



  1. Kayleigh Zara
    August 3, 2017 / 17:13

    I love the sound of this box especially the coconut and vanilla milk – that sold me! All the brands look amazing and there is so much diversity x

    Kayleigh Zara

  2. abbeylouisarose
    August 3, 2017 / 17:15

    Any subscription box that contains Neals Yard Remedies products is a total winner with me! I’ve yet to try out their bath oil but I am so obsessed with their cleansers and body butters that I’m sure it’s amazing! That lavender soap is packaged so cutely, and I bet it smells incredible! You can never have too many hand sanitizers either! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  3. August 3, 2017 / 17:26

    Oh what a lovely box! I hadn’t heard of this one before- I thought I knew about them all, given that I am a subscription box nerd, but it shows I still have more to find. 🙂 The Lavender Soap looks lovely, I love lavender scents.

  4. Heather
    August 3, 2017 / 17:45

    This box looks amazing! I love trying new things and subscribing to subscription boxes (i think its turning into an addiction haha!) so need to check these guys out!

    Heather xox ||

  5. August 3, 2017 / 17:47

    Whoa, that is a really good box! I like supporting small local businesses as well, so I’m glad they included a British business’ product in this box. My husband basically lives off of Clif Bars during the day, and I think that’s one of the best flavors I’ve tried! But I’m sure my favorite thing in this box would’ve been the dinosaur gummies!


  6. August 3, 2017 / 18:38

    What a neat subscription box. I’d never heard of The Really Good Box before now, but it looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I especially love that candle xx

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