Day #15 What I Would Like To Achieve In My First Year of University

As you may have guessed, I have been constantly thinking about university as it is now just over a month till I pack my things up and head off. I have been thinking about all the things that I would like to achieve in my first year and I thought I would share them with you:

Firstly, I would like to look back on my first year and think “yes, that was a good decision! Well done 18-year-old Claire”. There was a week in January where I had 6 interviews: 3 were apprenticeship interviews and 3 were job interviews. I didn’t like 2 of the jobs or 2 of the apprenticeships but the ones remaining were as good as each other. I had the option to either take the apprenticeship or take the job and end up going to university – it’s pretty obvious which side I went for. I have a feeling that I did the right thing but it would be nice for “end of first year Claire” to agree with me.

I would also like to feel more independent. I can feel myself wanting more independence but I don’t have it yet. While at university and living in accommodation, I really hope I embrace my independence and enjoy it. I think I will but I will still hope. Moving out is a massive step but one that I believe will be amazing for me.

While at university, and I think everybody else thinks this too, I would like to make a lovely group of friends. I would love to be able to find people a little bit similar to me. I like to think that I am quite a funny friend to have because I don’t take myself to seriously but at the same time, I am not a party animal and that sometimes stunts a friendship at the beginning because I am not wanting to go out all the time. I hope that I still find some lovely people that don’t mind having a night in playing twister like in friends haha.

Quite an obvious one is that I would like to have achieved a first in my first year. I understand that your first year grade doesn’t actually count towards your degree but I do hope that I am finding the course bearable and that I actually enjoy it. It would be really awkward if I hated it wouldn’t it? Plus, it would give me an indication as to whether I am going down the correct career path for myself as I have always promised myself that I would have a job that I adored. I think that marketing could lead to a large enough range of job paths that I could go down to be able to find a cracking job that makes a 6AM start not so bad.

Finally, I would like to say that I am happier than I am now. Don’t get me wrong, I am a happy little bunny right now but you know when you see people in the movies actually excited to wake up for their day because of something small or insignificant, I want that so much and I don’t think it’s un-achievable. I really hope that when people say “university gives you some of the best years of your life” they aren’t kidding.

And there you go. I will continue blogging throughout my time at university so I guess we will see whether these all come true! I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you all tomorrow for day #16.


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