Day #17 What My Dream House Would Look Like

I have adored Pinterest since I was set a homework by my A Level textiles teacher to get an account around 3/4 years ago. I love the way that you can collection little boards of anything and everything and they will just be sat waiting for you in one place. Having had a glance back and my old pictures in the back and beyond of each board, I realised how much I adored each collection of pictures and I wanted to show you a few things that I have discovered, starting with what my dream house would look like if my Pinterest dreams could all come true within the same home. I do have to admit that I have seen this kind of blog post on other peoples blogs and I couldn’t resist on borrowing the idea. So, here is my perfect home:

Living Area:

I always imagined my future living area to be the heart of my home. I understand how some people could want their kitchen to be the heart but I have grown up with everybody gathering in the living room and feeling the most comfortable there so I think I will take that into my future home too. I adore these images because they are bright, colour and really personalised – and that’s what I would like in my home.

I would like people to walk in and go “Claire, this is SO you!” I the picture to the left, the feature that made me love it is the collection of photos in the background. To me, it feels kind of like a mini art gallery in your own home and that is something that I would like to do on a wall in my future home. Whether it pictures that are personal to me and my family or just art, I don’t mind.





In my kitchen, all I want is a fantastic floor, wooden interior and a lovely big “picnic style” table in the middle of it.

I adore a fancy floor in a kitchen because not only do they look good but they are also more practical. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to keep a white floor clean in a kitchen? Plus, the pattern similar to the one in the center of these pictures makes the room seem so much lighter. Secondly, my wooden interior. I just don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a wooden kitchen. It looks very authentic but also very homely and liked in. Plus, you can pair wood up with any colour in the rainbow and it would still look amazing.





My bedroom the moment is slightly on the small side but, weirdest of all, the most complicated and funny shape I think a room could be. If I counted the amount of flat edges in my room you would get 13. Yes, 13. I have managed to squeeze a double bed into it but it does take up the majority of my room. I am very fortunate that I do have a walk in wardrobe though and that is something that I would love to keep. My walk in wardrobe at the moment is the length of my room but is probably about 1 meter wide and that is something that I would adore to change.

This picture is IDEAL. I have always adored fashion and buying clothes is probably my favourite ever pass time so it is certainly high up on my dream house list. I may not need one as large as the one below but I would certainly be OK with it haha. I have always envisaged me having a bright room next. Although your bedroom should be dark and cozy to make you want to sleep, I have always stood by the idea that your room can be quite light and airy so that you feel really happy when you walk into it. It doesn’t matter what colours the walls are painted, if there isn’t a light on, it will be dark enough for you to want to go to sleep so I am happy sticking with a really lovely and light room. Finally, I would adore a proper dressing area. I adore the idea of popping such a large mirror on top of my dressing table. I think it looks stunning.



Finally, we have the bathroom. I have always had this dream of a huge, flawless bathroom. I am not a massive bath person myself so it isn’t really that essential but I do think they look stunning – especially free standing ones.

They really grab the attention in the room. But, a stunning shower is essential to me. We currently have a bath and shower combo but I have always preferred a walk in shower or even a wet room. Plus, if you use my fancy tiles that I have also used on my kitchen floor, I would love it even more. There is nothing nicer than a good funky tile.


And that is my dream home. I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s blog post and if you would like to follow my Pinterest account then I will have it linked HERE. I will see you tomorrow with day #18.


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