Day #18 10 Ways Twitter Makes Me Feel More Positive

This time last year, I didn’t even use my Twitter account. I used it to enter 1 competition and then I hardly touched it again. Now, I have nearly 1.5k followers (if you would like to be a doll and go over to my twitter and help me reach 1.5k followers then you can HERE and I will send you the most positive vibes ever) and I am on it every single day. On my twitter, I don’t follow a single person that I am friends with or related to. I use it solely for the purpose of having it as a voice for this blog and spreading positivity to other bloggers that are trying to do the same. I have never swore, I have never tweeted anything negative about anybody and I certainly don’t use it to cause any drama and I think that is why my view on Twitter is amazing. I see the power that Twitter has to make amazing things happen and I would like to prove that by giving you 10 examples of times when Twitter has made me feel more positive:

  1. Firstly, something that I have experienced since I started the Twitter account to support this blog is that the amount of support is incredible. I am very lucky that I have managed to find a corner of the blogging Twitterverse that has all of the kind and positive bloggers there and it has been lovely. Every time I have posted that I am feeling a little down, somebody who only knows me as “Claire from Claire’s Year” has replied making me feel better. They don’t know me, they only know what my face looks like from my profile picture but they still took time out of their day to make me feel better. If it wasn’t for Twitter, nobody could have lifted my pecker up.
  2. Secondly, I follow a few clothing stores that like to give out some social media discount codes for sales or free delivery weekends and I wouldn’t know about them if I didn’t have Twitter. That is important in itself.
  3. Yesterday, our little baby company helpmeorganics won “Business of the Week” from Bright Pig who are supported my Theo Paphitis off Dragon’s Den. We actually won it! We would have never been able to put ourselves out there to win an award like that without Twitter so I am over the moon that we decided to make a Twitter account for our company. Great things can happen with a tweet. (Oh my gosh, that is such a millennial sentence haha)
  4. Today, Morrisons was trending because they have brought out a foot long sausage roll for just £1. I think that is one of the most positive pieces of news that I have read in a very long time and I am very excited about it. Why buy two 6 inch sausage rolls for £1 when you could buy a foot long one and just continue eating – genius. The news these days has been so focused on horrific news stories and world politics so I just needed to hear news like this to restore my faith in positivity.
  5. I adore discovering little hidden small businesses and I think that Twitter is perfect for that. I have found so many just by having a little route. It’s how I found the Unibox, Artemis & Xena and Aluna Mae and I managed to remember small businesses by following them on Twitter and keeping up to date with what they are doing like Cheerful Geek, Squidges and Creative Nature. I love a little British brand and I think that it is lovely that I can stay up to date with what they are doing just by giving them a follow.
  6. A few months ago, I saw a video that showed the fella that played Coach Bolton in High School Musical on a jog. The girl recording goes “hey, it’s Troy Bolton’s dad” and Bart Johnson runs over and goes “That’s it Wildcats, keep your head in the game”. That video made my day. I adore that little, normally labelled “silly” things are instead labelled “hilarious” and “amazing” just because somebody decided to share it with whoever would like to see it. My day has been brightened many times because of a funny tweet.
  7. When I was at Day #2 of my 56 Days of Summer, I written a post called “5 Blogs I Adore” and one of the bloggers was Victoria from Inthefrow. I tagged her in my tweet about my post and she replied. She replied to me about my post about her and other amazing bloggers. I couldn’t believe it. Victoria has hundreds of thousands of followers and I am sure she has hundreds of mentions ever day yet somehow, she saw mine. That made my week and it would have never happened if I didn’t have Twitter.
  8. One thing I can’t stand is hearing or watching the news. I do understand why I need to know what is happening around the world but it’s hardly ever anything happy or something I can enjoy talking about. Twitter seems to make that a little easier. For example, I am on my phone right now looking at the “Today’s Moments” section where it updates me with any news that is going on in the world. I have “Shawn Mendes turns 19” – “How to get revenge on a guy who double books dates at the same bar” – “Why disappointing exam results aren’t the end of the world”. I do still keep up to date with the news. If something big has happened then I keep up to date or eat my porridge in the morning while watching it but news stories like these seems to just have a more positive slant on things and I appreciate that. It’s like focusing on the silver lining rather than the grey cloud.
  9. When working on the helpmeorganics Twitter page, I like to get involved with hours. Whether it’s #ethicalhour or #veganhour, I tend to meet other brands that have similar values to us that we can follow. It’s nice to meet other companies that appreciate how much effort needs to be put into a small business whose aim is to protect the planet.
  10. Finally, I adore being on Twitter when my favourite show is on. Whenever Love Island had just finished, I would rush over to my phone and read the hilarious tweets about the islanders and what other people were saying. It would put a smile on my face without a doubt and I loved that. It’s like eating a cake knowing it is going to taste nice and make you happy.

And that’s it! 10 times that Twitter make my day a little more positive. I do understand that Twitter isn’t always like this but I like to ignore that side and focus on this one – always trying to stay positive. I will see you all tomorrow for day #19 (gosh, how is it already day #19?)


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