Day #23 5 Things I Would Like To Do This Year

You may think “what? But Claire it’s August?” but I still have SO much that I have planned for the rest of the year that doesn’t require me sat in a lecture room. This week, I have been planning for a few things to do in the last part of this year that I am looking forward to and I would like to share them with you:

  1. I will be part of my helpmeorganics team exhibiting at a few fairs this year. We have already been to a few but I think that the next two that are planned will be just as amazing. We will be at Capesthorn Hall Craft and Gift Family Fun Day on Bank Holiday Monday and also Tatton Park’s Food and Gift Fair on the last weekend in October. Both are in Cheshire as that is where we create our products. Both me and my Mum are very excited planning for these events and I adore telling people all about our products and why they are so special. If you are local to the area then come and say hi.
  2. Me and my family are also going to see Mrs Brown’s Boys in “concert” in November. We loved the show when it was on the telly and the reviews for the live show were to good not to try and get tickets. I think this will be such a lovely thing to do as a family after me starting university and a perfect reason for some time out. I think it will be hilarious!
  3. Last year, I really wanted to visit the Coca Cola truck but sadly, I was too busy and couldn’t get to one of their locations. This year, I will be a 5 minute walk from one of the stops so consider me first in line to see them. I went to see the Coca Cola Christmas truck a few years ago and it really set off my Christmas spirit and, if you know me well, then you will understand how much I adore Christmas and doing everything Christmas-y on offer. If you aren’t familiar with what I am talking about, here is some information about their 2016 tour and what it is all about.
  4. Even though this hasn’t been scheduled yet, I would like to attend my first blogging event this year. Living in Liverpool will give me more of a chance to actually be able to get to one and I hope that I manage to do that. I see so many bloggers enjoying themselves and meeting other bloggers and it has always looked like something I would love to do. If anybody is planning on holding a blogger event in our near to Liverpool then let me know as I would love to attend!
  5. Finally, I know I have pushed my luck mentioning the Christmas Coco Cola truck but I would love to visit LOADS of Christmas Markets this year. I managed to get to more than usual last year but I want to visit loads again this year. There is just something about pretty lights and jolly music that brings the best out in us British folk and I want to embrace that.

And there we have it – 5 things that I am looking forward to doing in the second half of 2017. I hope you had a lovely Sunday and I will see you tomorrow with day #23.


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