Day #24 Lessons I’ve Learnt Recently

Hello everyone and welcome to day #24… Gosh, these days are flying by! Today, I would like to write a list of 10 different lessons that I have learnt in the past month or so and share them with you. So, here are 10 lessons I have learnt recently:

  1. The weather can really impact your mood. I never realised until it was beautiful everyday for like a month and I was as happy as Larry but now it’s cloudy all the flipping time. Sun please?
  2. You don’t just have to pay for accommodation and food while at university.. there’s a TV license, insurance and even some societies cost money… I have always wanted to lose weight so maybe this lack of money for food will do me well hahaha!
  3. These “spiral” bobbles are a godsend. They actually don’t leave any kinks in your hair while you are sleeping and they are the best thing in the world.
  4. Getting yourself some work experience before starting your degree is actually a really important thing to do. I did a few days last week at a Marketing company and it was so eye opening and I fully recommend getting yourself some work experience in your desired career sector first to see if you actually like and enjoy it and to get a feel for what area of your sector that you would like to work in.
  5. A gap year goes past like a blink of an eye.
  6. It’s etc not ect. That actually blew my mind, honestly. God knows how many things, important things, I have put ect on.
  7. You may think that everybody that takes an apprenticeship says “I’m so glad I took one – university is a complete waste of time and money and now I am three years ahead of all my friends” but there are actually still people that took an apprenticeship that wished they went to university. AND there are people that went to university that wish they took an apprenticeship AND people that went to university that are happy they went AND people that didn’t and are happy that they didn’t. It doesn’t matter what other people did because you will always find somebody that has an opposite opinion than another person so it’s what YOU want to do. Yes, getting advise is always helpful when making your decision but don’t take one persons word. I have been told a billion and one times not to go to university and a billion and one times to go. But, my heart sank a mini bit when someone said not to go so I knew what my choice would be.
  8. You really do feel better after a massage and a big big glass of water.
  9. Daily blogging is a challenge. A good challenge but a challenge
  10. Long Lost Family is the BEST feel good television show to watch because the end is always so happy and it makes me cry with happiness every time. Then, the BEST show to really get into and crave is Love Island! I don’t think I could easily fall out of love with Chris.

And there are my list of lessons. If you have learnt any lessons recently then I would love to hear what they were and maybe and I could learn something new. Thank you for reading and I will see you all tomorrow for day #25!


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