Day #27 5 Achievements Of My Life So Far

I think one of the healthiest things to do is to reflect positively on your life. Whether you have just added something new to your “greatest achievements” list or are having a down day, listing 5 (or more) things that you are proud of is something that can easily boost your mental positivity and it’s something that I enjoy doing. Before writing this post, I haven’t pre-written a list or even thought of it throughout the day. I am using this as an exercise myself and as a way to boost my mental positivity. I mean, whats nicer than picking yourself back up with a list of amazing achievements. Feel like you need to do this too? Grab a pen and join me!

In no particular order:

  1. Leaving high school with three A*’s, 6A’s and 2 B’s (and a pass in IT if that is even worth mentioning?) I am incredibly proud of myself and, even if I didn’t get some grades that I wanted, I made up for them in other subjects. My main achievements were my two A*’s in Maths and my two A’s in English. I was bursting with happiness when I saw them on my piece of paper!
  2. Leaving college with AAB. Although I worked my bum off in Textiles and Product Design to get two A*’s, I was more than happy with A’s because I didn’t even think I would get an E in my Maths A Level and look: I got a B! I promise I am not one of them people who said they did awful then did well, I just worked my bum off so much that I literally had no social life yet seemed to do really bad in practice tests. I am somebody that works well under a little bit of pressure though and that’s why I think I did much better in my actual Maths A level rather than in class ones.
  3. Helping my Mama start helpmeorganics. I don’t think will ever shut up about this baby of ours. If you have never read my blog or managed to dodge it, helpmeorganics is a company me and my Mum started back in December 2016 and we create vegan, organic and cruelty free lifestyle and skincare (yes, we have finally released our first skincare products now. Testing took a while but we finally have the product in a bottle, all labelled up and on our website! So exciting.) It has been a lot of work and even now I have a tab open on my computer with the new labels on (yes, NEW! We are releasing some new babies at the end of the year) but I am thoroughly enjoying it and so is my Mum. Having a family business is something that is so lovely and very rewarding. If you would like to check out our products then you can here:
  4. Gaining control of my anxiety. I still get anxious and I still have little wobblers but I can officially say that it has been 1 YEAR since I last had a panic attack *touch wood*. This is an unbelievable achievement for me and one I would like to keep in mind for when my anxiety gets tested at university. I know that it is very possible that starting university may also start my anxiety again but at least I am confident that it is possible for me to gain control again. For anybody who feels like they are starting to lose control and can’t get it back again, I would just like to say that about a year ago, I felt exactly the same and look at me now. IT IS POSSIBLE! I started this blog to record a gap year with anxiety but I haven’t had a chance to do that as my anxiety just hasn’t been an issue (luckily). I have spoken a little more about my anxiety in these blog posts if you would like to have a read but I will be doing some more blog posts that are anxiety related so keep your eyes peeled: Handling Anxiety: Apps | Handling Anxiety: Staying Positive | Handling Anxiety: Flying
  5. How can I forget, starting Claire’s Year. As soon as I knew I wanted to take a gap year, I was certain that I was going to start a blog so that I can write about it. I read up about how to start one, I started reading more and more about them and by the time I finished my A Levels, I was bursting to get started. It has probably been one of the best things I have ever done. Not only has my writing got better but I have also had somewhere to go to when I wanted to get something off my chest or just talk about anything I want. It has been amazing and I can’t wait for it to stop being a gap year blog and become a lifestyle blog!

Reflecting on your greatest achievements instantly makes you focus on all of the positives in your life. If I really thought about it, I could have probably kept the list going but I am happy I stopped at 5. I know that this list will change and better and better things will be added to it but I am still proud of it now. I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you tomorrow with day #28


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