Day #29 My Favourite Disney Movies

Good afternoon everyone! Today I was happily watching Frozen while I was eating my breakfast, yes that is a common occurrence in my life, and I thought it would be lovely to write a blog post about my favourite Disney movies. I ADORE movies and especially happy and light hearted ones like Disney movies so it has been a tricky one to narrow down my favourites to fit into one blog post. So here we are, my favourite Disney movies:

(in no particular order)


How can anybody not adore this movie. It is by far one of my absolute favourites and I was 15 years old when it first came out. Not only is the story line an amazing one but the characters have such beautiful hearts as well and I think that is something that is so crucial in movies like this. Plus, how amazing is the soundtrack? I think I have preformed “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” a good 500 times now haha.


I do feel like the Tangled or Frozen divide is real. I think that Frozen’s soundtrack is better but I am going to have to say that the story line in Tangled is ever so slightly better. Repunzel’s personality in this film is so admirable and how she changed Flynn Rider into a hero instead of a bad guy is the most heart warming thing ever. Even though I say that the soundtrack isn’t quite as good as Frozens, “I See The Light” is still one of the best songs from a movie I have ever heard!


I believe that Moana is the first Disney princess not to have a prince – that’s so 2017. Me and my Mum stayed up till past midnight the other day watching this movie (I don’t think my Mum has seen midnight in a few years haha) but this movie was more than worth it. How can you not adore Moana and her unbelievably fearless and stubborn personality. After watching this movie, I always feel like being some kind of independent and adventurous person.

Inside Out.

I can’t watch this movie without crying when Riley comes home and has a break down in front of her parent’s and when we wave goodbye to Bing Bong (no, honestly, don’t let that name put you off watching the movie haha). I have never been on such an emotional roller coaster with a Disney movie but this one was certainly worth it.

Big Hero Six.

I think out of all of these movies, this one surprised me the most. After reading all of the amazing reviews for Big Hero Six, I downloaded the movie on Sky yet didn’t get around to pressing play for quite a while. I was already emotionally invested into the movie within about 3 minutes of watching it. I think it is just one of them movies where you adore it from beginning to end. In so many Disney movies, you could get to a point where you are like “right, now I will make my cup of tea” but this one is so good that you need to do it before.


If you haven’t ever watched this movie, you are missing out on life. I won’t give any of the plot away because you need to watch it but let’s just say that it won’t take you long to have to get the tissues out. The first 3 minutes and the last scene are perfect! You know when a movie ends just perfectly, this is one of them movies. An absolute must watch.

I am fully aware that there are other movies that I could mention but these are my favourites that I would be happy to snuggle down and watch right now. I think they are all incredible and I don’t think it matters how old you are, you could happily enjoy all of these. I hope you have enjoyed today’s blog post and I will see you tomorrow with day #30 (oh my gosh… 30!)


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