Day #30 What I’m Doing This Week

Since deciding to study Marketing at university, I knew I had a little bit of learning to do. Although I do a little bit of marketing with in a company, I am can freely hold my hands up and admit that I am pretty much educated guessing my way through it and I know that it would be much nicer to know sneaky short cuts to things I probably do the very long way round. So, I decided to be bold and get myself some work experience.

Throughout my gap year, I have been able to have a lot of time in a business-related role but not a single day had anything to do with marketing so I have made sure that the placements that I go on this summer will be just that. I have already been on one work experience placement at a marketing company but I wanted to see a different angle to marketing and go to a business and work within their marketing sector. And, ta da, that’s what I am doing this week.

I won’t disclose what company I am working with just in case I get in a little bit of trouble but I can say that you have more than likely heard of them. I am very thankful for them to take me on board for a week because I know that they are probably very busy. So, how did I get this work experience? Thankfully, the job that I worked for previously had a contact at this business so they managed to get me a meeting with the lady that would be able to help. But, for my last placement, I had emailed them with a little bit of information about me and why I would like the work experience. I’m not going to lie, I had emailed about 10-15 different places and only 1 replied but that one was enough for me. I actually really enjoyed my few days there and I am very glad I did it.

Why do work experience? There are SO many positives to having some work experience. For example, for me, there are so many different areas within marketing and I had absolutely no idea which one I would like to end up in. Now, after having a little bit of work experience, I know which areas are more suited to me and some that aren’t. Another reason is a first-hand insight. Instead of watching a fella on YouTube telling me all about the world of Marketing I had people in front of me who could show me how to do certain things and answer any questions I had. Finally, it looks amazing on your CV. Having relevant experience will help you so much when talking to your interviewer about your job (obviously, only if your experience is relevant… If you want to be a zoo keeper and start talking about that time you work as a photocopier girl then it doesn’t sound brill.)

Anyway, that is what I am going to be up to this week. I think it will be amazing but the 5:30am start will certainly not be welcome. Just think of me on Friday when I am trying to resist taking a nap just to write my daily blog post haha! I probably should have pre-written some posts for this week but I like living on the edge and not sympathising with future Claire. I hope you all have a lovely week and I will see you tomorrow for day #31!


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