Day #33 Sleep Is So Important

As I am currently on work experience which starts at 8am every morning, I am having to wake up at 5:30 to make sure I have enough time to eat, get ready and drive there. I am knackered. I haven’t wanted to go to bed at 9pm for a very long time but I am really considering it at the moment (even though it is probably past 9pm when I hit publish on this post.) As I am so tired, I am only going to write a quick post today just outlining some reasons why we should all get in bed a little earlier:

Firstly, sleep is amazing. I understand that, if you go to bed too early, you can’t get to sleep but going to bed at 10pm or 11pm instead of 1am or 2am is SO much better and not early at all. When I was at school or college, 11pm was my norm and if not, quite late. I would have my full 8 hours and I felt much better for it. This week, me being the idiot I am, I am still going to bed around midnight and at 5:30 I sit in the dark while I eat my breakfast because I am hardly awake. That’s not right and, on Friday, I will be such a mess. I will literally be napping while walking.

Secondly, I was reading a magazine the other day, I think it was the Natural Health Magazine but don’t trust me on that one, and it had an article about sleep and how, if you aren’t having enough, your short term memory gets a little worse. Now, I don’t know the scientifical (yes, that’s a word in my dictionary) ins and outs but, my short term memory has been shocking these past few days. My Mum would be like “Claire, when you next go upstairs could you shut all the windows” and I would say “yeah, sure” AND COMPLETELY FORGET. This has happened a good 40/50 times in the past few days while I have been sleeping for about 5 hours a night. Honestly, I think it’s true and that’s not great. I have an awful memory with 24 hours sleep haha!

Also, while doing a little bit of reading into sleep and it’s benefits, multiple articles suggest that sleeping actually helps you regulate a healthy weight. Where’s my bed? I need to just sleep until I wake up a model. For example, on this website, it mentions that Chicago University conducted a study that shown that people that were “well-rested” lost more fat than people that weren’t well rested that lost more muscle mass. Crazy. I’m definitely going to bed now because I ate a whole pizza tonight and didn’t exercise.

Another study suggests that getting the normal 8 hours or more a night can actually help work towards or maintain a positive mental health. This is SO important. If catching some Z’s helps you feel a little incy wincy bit more in control of your mental stability then go for it! I know that its 1,000,000% harder to fall asleep if you aren’t having a good mental health day but on a reasonably better day, try and have a nap or go to sleep a little earlier. It may not work but maybe it will? I do have to say that I have gotten my anxiety back to a stable and happy place while in my gap year and I have probably had more sleep in the last month than I had all the way through college. That may be why?

So, hopefully that has given you a little bit of an insight into why going to bed slightly earlier is a good idea. I am fully up for going to bed now but I am going to try and make it to 9pm to be the cool “stay up late” person I obviously am. I hope you have enjoyed this post and I will see you tomorrow with day #34 which is also probably going to be sleep themed as it’s all I am think about at this week (I have to be at work for 7:30am tomorrow so I am going to hate life. Yes, that’s right, this is unpaid lol) Good night!



  1. August 24, 2017 / 11:41

    I used to be good about going to be early(ish), but now that it’s summer and I’m not working, I keep staying up until 1 surfing the web, which is just. not. good. I do want to try to scale things back a bit, work harder during the day so that I’m ready to go asleep between 11 and midnight at least!

    • August 24, 2017 / 21:06

      It’s just so tempting to think “there isn’t a certain time that I need to be up so it doesn’t matter when I go to sleep” but then you just wake up around 10 or 11 feeling really sluggish. I do this so often at the moment because I’m not working this summer either… what are we like haha

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