Day #36 Why British Telly Is The Best Telly: Current Shows

I love watching telly. I am not a flat slob that does nothing but watch telly but I do like to use it as a way of winding down at the end of the day. We are very lucky in this country that we some amazing producers and writers that create some amazing programmes on the telly and I would like to talk about a few shows that I think we are very lucky to have in this country:

1. Long Lost Family

I can’t get over how amazing this show is. If anybody hasn’t seen it, Long Lost Family is about reuniting people with their loved ones that they have some how lost touch with a very very long time ago, whether that’s because they were adopted, they put their children up for adoption or generally live got in the way. While listening to the stories on this show, you get so emotionally invested that, by the time they are meeting their long lost relative, you are bawling your eyes out with them. It’s one of the best shows that we are blessed to have in this country and I would watch it all day every day.
Long Lost Family is on at the moment on Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV

2. Strictly Come Dancing

Now, I know that this show isn’t everybody’s cup of tea but personally, I adore it. I have watched Strictly since the very first season so I feel like I have grown up with it. I couldn’t be excited for Christmas if it wasn’t the Strictly final just before. If you want to experience British telly, this is as close as you are going to get. Along with Strictly, I adore the second show It Takes Two as I think Zoe Ball is an absolute babe. I am getting so excited for this to start and I am already wanting Alexandra Burke and Mollie King to win for my 13 year old self.
Strictly Come Dancing has it’s launch show on the 9th of September on BBC 1

3. The Great British Bake Off

No show is better than this show. Well, I say that but I am referring to the BBC version but I am going to watch the Channel 4 version with an open mind. I am a little sceptical about the lady chef judge person because she has whopping gigantic BFG shoes to fill but I will give her a chance. Plus, without Mel and Sue’s mumsy-banter, it just won’t be the same. BUT I keep saying it, I am going to give it a go.
Bake Off starts THIS TUESDAY (29th August) at 8pm on Channel 4

4. Made In Chelsea

Again, I fully understand why some people avoid this programme like the plague but if you gave it a chance, I think you would love it. Yes, the cast members are posh and rich and gossip horrendously about each other but its like having a peak at how the other halves live and I find that SO entertaining. Plus, can you believe, they actually have pretty good personalities and that makes the show amazing! Yes, some of the people featured in the show at the moment do slightly rub me up the wrong way but without them it wouldn’t be MiC.
Made In Chelsea: Ibiza in currently on Mondays at 9pm on E4

And there are my current British favourite shows that are either on at the moment or are about to start. Obviously, there are many other shows that make this country amazing and I will probably talk about them in another blog post but this was a heads up to anybody that just fancied a British telly binge. I hope you have enjoyed this post and I will see you tomorrow with day #37 (this summer has gone in a blink of an eye oh my gosh hello uni.)


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  1. August 26, 2017 / 22:55

    I love bake off! I watch the Italian version and also the British one!

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