Day #38 It’s OK To…

It’s ok to not want to follow the crowd and do what everybody else is doing. For example, I don’t drink. I have come across many a person that says “oh my gosh, you are so boring – how on earth do you ever have a good night?” Truth is, my night is normally as good if not better than everyone elses because I don’t need to worry about myself as I know I can’t get drunk or tipsy or do something out of character. I love a night sober and I found it really interesting when Dodie (doddleoddle on YouTube) went sober for a month to see if she could do it and she found that, when she went on nights out, she really really really enjoyed it sober. Try it if you are reading this thinking I am crazy. 99% of the time, you are having a good time for other factors rather than alcohol.

It’s ok to want to spend time with your parents. These people literally gave you life, remember that. When you were younger, they were your absolute favourite person and whatever they wanted you to do, you did because you wanted them to be proud of you. You are naturally going to still look up to them still and see them as home so don’t beat yourself up if a weekend spent with them sounds more appealing than a weekend clubbing and getting “down with the kids”.

It’s ok to get upset about little things. This happens to me all the time because I am the most emotional cry baby I know and I just let it happen. Yes, some people get really uncomfortable around emotional people but most people are fine, understanding and supportive. If you drop a pencil on the floor and start crying, chill, it’s fine, I have done that so you aren’t alone and many other (more than likely hormonal) people have also done the same. Another thing, you may think that other people view what you are upset about as a “little thing” but odds are, they are fully empathetic towards you. Let it all out. It feels better afterwards.

It’s ok to want to do well at school, your qualifications and your career. A good career is something that allows you privileges that we all wish for when we’re little and following them wishes isn’t a crime. Yes, ignoring everything else that could be positive may be a little silly but if you correctly weight up options as you go along, you are doing everything right – no matter how many people complain you didn’t go out last weekend. Wanting to do well in that side of your life is a personality trait that is a very good one to have. The desire to do well is something we should all have inside of us.

It’s ok to not want to wear what everyone else is wearing. I am short, slightly chunky and really pale so if you gave me a body con midi dress in bright orange, like what you would see on or pretty little thing, then I would look like a carrot – like a home grown one though and not a perfect M&S carrot. But, I accept that. I see these (yes, I know, stunning) girls walking about in these beautiful yet risky dresses or ripped jeans (my knee podge doesn’t agree with a ripped jean lol) or an oversized long hoodie thing and think how awful I would look in something similar. Instead, I ignore what everyone else is wearing and jump into double denim and enjoy life feeling comfy. You don’t have to try and make something work if it’s not for you. If you like some random “not what others would wear” jacket in NewLook, you go and buy that jacket.


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