Day #39 Dear Freshers Week Me

Dear freshers me,

You did it! You have managed to get yourself and all you stuff into your room in the flat that has your name on it. That’s an accomplishment on its own and you should be proud of that. I know you will be scared and pooing yourself with nerves but please remember that everybody else is too and even the toughest cookies will find this a struggle. You have come so far since that anxious little girl so remember how tough you are now.

Right now, I am sat waiting to pick my dad up from the station about 3 weeks before i move to university. I am more excited than nervous right now but i think that will more than likely change but I would like you to think about present me and how I feel. I cant wait to meet everyone and talk about love island and pointless stuff. I cant wait to have my own space, shop for just me and be able to have full control of my future. This feeling will go but it will come back. Not immediately but soon. You will feel like this again and, if you feel like this already, don’t feel ashamed – feel mature. You have matured so much that this wouldn’t surprise me if you are handling everything much better than you thought you would. If you are handling it worse, as I have mentioned, you are not alone in this so use that as a little bit of comfort.

So, what to do if you are feeling a little down? Go out and jump into university life. I really don’t think filling your time reminiscing will make you want to go home any less so just keep looking forward and that may work better. you always said that you wanted to throw yourself into everything that tickles your fancy so go through with that! There will be so many things to take your mind off home so see what you can do. Can’t get out of the flat right now? Watch a movie or TV show that has NO relation to someone your age leaving home or going to university or college so that it doesn’t remind you. Watch something attention grabbing and entertaining, not something you know like the back of your hand that you know you can lose concentration with. That may be about 2 hours of chill time to give your head a little reboot. If you aren’t able to go out or watch a DVD, maybe venture out of your little room and see if any of your flat mates are feeling the same. Why not help somebody else out and just get to know them. If you are nervous now, you may as well be nervous together. Plus, it may be a nice way to break the ice and be there for each other quickly. It will get all of the awkwardness out of the way too.

One thing I would like you to do is make a list of all the new things that you are doing. Focus on the positive things, even if you don’t think there are many to focus on. Making a list of all the good and new things that you are doing should indicate what a wonderful experience you are about to embark on and I think that should highlight to you that, if you have already done all these new and amazing things while you are feeling a little nervous and flustered, imagine what you could do when you have found your feet and, dare I say it, get comfortable and start enjoying yourself. Maybe even make a list of all the things you want to achieve in your first term and see if you do them? I don’t know, put all of your positive thinking strategies that you have built up these past few years and USE THEM.

Finally, I hope you are having an amazing time already and you have amazing flat mates, met loads of lovely people and joined loads of societies and things. Plus, I hope you see university as something you can really enjoy. So many people tell you how amazing it will be all the time so believe them.

Anyway, deep talking over, stop reading our blog and get out of your flat and socialise. Gosh, you are so lazy omg.

Have an amazing time “3 weeks older” Claire.




  1. August 30, 2017 / 10:47

    Best of luck Claire! I’m also three weeks from being a uni student, so I now how exciting and nerve wracking it is. I love the idea of just throwing yourself into it all though. I think that’s really important.

    • August 30, 2017 / 14:32

      Thank you hun! Best of luck to you too – I am sure we will both love it x

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