Day #40 Top 10 Destinations I Am Desperate To Visit

So, I may be a day late for my Top 10 Tuesday post but it’s better late than never. This week, I would like to share 10 places that I really want to visit. After getting on a plane for the first time in 12 years in March this year, I now feel ready to jump on a plane and bounce all over the planet. So, here are my top 10 places I would like to visit:

1. New York

New York has always been my ultimate destination. If someone asked me to choose a place to go to tomorrow, I would always choose New York. The city, shows and shopping has always been an attraction to me. I would love to visit all the landmarks, walk through central park, see where Friends and Gossip Girl were filmed and just have the time of my life. I have never heard anybody say “I went to New York last week, it was so underwhelming.”

2. Milan

One of the fashion capitals of the world. Gosh, I would want to be rich and have fabulous clothes on to visit this city. I have never been to Italy so that will be amazing to be able to visit the designer shops in their home city. It would be incredible and an experience that I would love to have.

3. Cologne (the Christmas markets)

I really regret not going on our school trip at high school to the Christmas markets in Cologne. How incredible do they look? Everybody knows me as the girl who will not shut up about Christmas for the last third of the year so I would be in my element in this place. Put me there with a hot chocolate and I would be a happy little girl.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand hasn’t really been high on my places to visit until I saw a programme on the telly all about it and I instantly fell in love. I am quite rubbish with really hot places and countries that have food completely different to us and, by all accounts, New Zealand would be where I would fit in best. It’s like here but the other end of the planet and there’s less people and more nature. That’ll do.

5. Disney World in Florida

This is my 6-year-old me talking. Even since I popped into this world, I have been obsessed with Disney and everything that related to it. Whenever I watch Carrie Fletchers vlogs of her going to Disney World, I get SO jealous of all the things she is doing. They even have a sing-a-long Frozen performance! I don’t care if I am triple the age of the whole audience, I will be singing both Anna and Elsa’s parts to “For The First Time In Forever Reprise”.

6. Budapest

Apparently, Budapest is one of the cleanest and cheapest places to visit. Apparently. But, if it is correct then I will get a plane tomorrow happily. I am awful with dirty places so I am quite snobby when I visit countries that I am not familiar with so Budapest sounds like a place for me. Not only that, on my bucket list I have “sing Budapest by George Ezra in Budapest”.

7. Vienna

The main reason I would love to visit Vienna is how beautiful the city is. There isn’t anything in particular I would like to see, there’s just loads of lovely little spots that I would like to casually have a walk to. Plus, Austria is really high up on my country list just because of the culture it offers and the unbelievable music that comes from that country!

8. Copenhagen

Ever since I saw the Prince and Me, I have wanted to visit Denmark. (I know, it’s not a valid reason to visit somewhere but it grabbed my attention as somewhere to have a look at.) When having a look what Denmark had to offer, I looked at their capital and was surprised how beautiful it looked. I loved the colours that they use in their landscape and how much pride all the Danish people seemed to have for their country. And, Denmark seems to have the best food and I am up for eating the whole time I am there.

9. Brussels

Chocolate. Need I say more? As the capital of Belgium, I am not really expecting to be doing anything other than eating chocolate. I would expect that their Christmas markets would be incredible to visit as well so I may have to visit both Cologne and Brussels together.

10. Paris

Finally, probably the place I am most desperate to go to considering it’s so close. I have visited Disneyland in Paris but, in my head, that doesn’t count. I want to have a selfie with the Eiffel Tower, while wearing a stripy top and eating a baguette. I think you are probably now realising how precise my bucket list is haha. I have never tried a macaroon so that I can try my first one in Paris. I am determined to get there REALLY soon. REALLY SOON.

And there are my top 10 places I would like to visit as soon as I have the opportunity. As I am not well travelled currently, I am bursting to get out into the world and experience it! Thank you for reading my post and I will see you tomorrow for day #41.


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