Day #41 August 2017

How has August nearly come to an end? Kids are going back to school next week and everything, how? I have had a whole month off from working (well, I say that) and it has been a lovely one. I have had much more time to work through my to do lists, visit places and just generally enjoy the last few weeks of my gap year. It has been a good’n and I would like to show you what I have been up to this August:

The main thing I have been doing this month is going on a couple of work experience placements. Firstly, I went to a marketing company to get myself a little bit of an insight into the world of marketing and what I may be up to after studying for my degree. I only had two days at this company but it was actually amazing (and I am not just saying that, the 8 hour days went by so fast.) Then, a few weeks later, as you may have seen me tweet about, I went on a weeks placement at in their Expert Logistics place in Crewe. Again, I am not just saying this to seem cool but it was actually incredible. Yes, the Expert Logistics building didn’t have any of the marketing team there but I still got to choose which department I worked with (I went with two departments that had much more creative jobs than the others – typical me) but I also travelled up to Bolton on one of the days to meet with the marketing team so that I could actually sit and have a chance to ask them any questions that I had. I never really thought of AO as a company to go to but, after seeing how happy everybody was that worked for them, I think I will consider them now. Honestly, everybody who worked there were so relaxed and chill about everything and I loved that.










Another cool thing that happened this month is that our little baby, helpmeorganics, was included in two subscription boxes: The Really Good Box and Skin Organics Beauty Box. If you would like to really read into the boxes and which of our products were in them then I written a blog post on our website telling you all about it. What I would like to say though is that the two boxes we were involved in were incredible and if you fancy discovering a new little gem then these two are certainly ones to look at. Both have amazing morals and buckets full of creativity. I will link their websites down here:
The Really Good
Skin Organics Beauty Box :

While we are on the topic of helpmeorganics, last Monday, I went to Capesthorn Hall with my Mum to be involved with their craft fair. Our little stall looked very cute! It was the first fair we exhibited at that wasn’t in our town so it was very nice to meet some new faces. We have some lovely feedback which made up both blush very often throughout the day haha.

A daily occurrence that is happening here at Claire’s Year is the 56 Days Of Summer. In my July round up post, I mention how fun daily blogging is and how I would still see myself doing this again. Well, I am not going to lie, it is so difficult to keep your originality of blog post ideas going for 56 days straight but I seem to be just about doing it. We are now coming to the end of this series so I will start to reflect more on my gap year and focus on university based posts, which I think will be really fun and I hope you all would like to read them – I certainly look forward to writing them.

Finally, this month I have really been focusing on getting myself really and equipped for university and my new room. Today, I actually went to my accommodation in Liverpool for a private viewing as it is newly built for this year (yes, I am the first person to ever sleep in my room) and I have to say that I definitely chosen the perfect place for me. It’s spotless, colourful and the location is perfect. The closest shop to me in Sainsburys, which can get expensive, but I have a nectar card now so lets hope I get a little bit of something back haha. Plus, I have always fancied being a posh student so shopping at Sainsburys will certainly do that! There will be other shops that I will more than likely default to but I will aim high to start with.

And that’s my month! I have been a little busy but a relaxed busy (if that is even possible.) I hope you all have an amazing September and for all the people starting university like me, GOOD LUCK! We will all be OK and calm and chill and love life when we are there. See you all tomorrow for day #42!



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