Day #42 Current Trends: Red

I have never really been one to wear something because it’s a “current rend” but this one I have 100% took advantage of. I current sport a bright primary red backpack pretty much everyday (yes, I am lazy and don’t pair my bag with my outfit oops) and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been so pleasantly surprised with the amount of other colours that red actually looks really nice with, which is probably why I now keep buying everything in red. Anyway, in today’s post I would like to show you a few different red items that are currently available from our good old British high street stores and online stores so that you can fall in love with red as much as I have. So, let’s get started:


I have found this top from River Island. I love this as it could quite easily be casual and smart at the same time. This top is perfect for anybody not really brave enough yet to walk out into the street beaming “redness” as it’s a little more reserved. The peplum shape makes this top look so flattering and expensive, even though it’s only £26. What a steal!



My next little beauty is from Next. Yes, it’s bright, bold and you would need to be prepared to stand out a little more when walking through a crowd but can that ever be a bad thing? What I also love is the high neck. It’s starting to get a little chillier now it’s September so a high neck is always a good thing. Plus, you even save money because you don’t need to buy a scarf haha.


I love a good dress and I fell in love with this when I saw it. This lovely dress is from Miss Guided,  a website that I should stop forgetting about, and it’s only £25! Also, it is a wrap dress which is so handy when you go for a meal and eat your body weight in food because you can let it out a little haha. The frilly make this dress look very feminine – perfect little date dress.


If I had good legs, I would be sporting this style all of the time. How cute are the little frills at the end and on the pockets of these River Island beauties? Again, the bold choice of colour would really make you stand out but you could easily dress these down if that’s not something you would want to go for. Either black or white (or even dark blue if you want to be crazy) would look lovely with these. I imagine them with a blazer and a tucked in white cami and some lovely heels.


This is the perfect Autumn jacket from ASOS. The colour of this jacket is a nice washed out red, which is a little more subtle if you asren’t going for the “WOW” reaction. I do love what the model is wearing with this but I imagine it a little more done up. Although it has a denim jacket vibe, it’s still cotton and can quite easily match a little bit more of a dressier outfit. I love this and for £35, it’s a winner.


Finally, some little loafers from Topshop. I think these were pretty similar to the ones Zoella was sporting in one of her recent vlogs (yes, I may be 19 but she still really relaxes me so she is my go to) and I thought they looked really lovely with a bold red lip. I am not really a fan of slide on shoes but these ones I would try. They are just like really ultra fancy slippers haha.

And that’s my red edit. I hope I have inspired you to take the bold move to add a little bit of red into your wardrobe. Red seems to be one of the big trends for Autumn so it’s the perfect time to try out some of the lovely red things in the shops. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow for day #43!


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