Day #43 Why I Love September

Don’t get me wrong, as a child, September was that horrible thing I was dreading. “Back to school” adverts were popping up more and more, my Mum was dragging me to BHS to try on some school skirts and shoes against my will and it was always raining. September certainly wasn’t a month I welcomed. But now, I have seen the light and started to love this month and I would like to tell you why:

Firstly, my September last year was amazing. Not only was it the month I officially started my gap year but I also finally felt “free”. I had a whole year sitting in front of me with hardly any plans. Life looked amazing. That same optimistic view is also given to the year I am looking at now. Even though I have a billion more plans now than I did last year with university coming up this month, I am still looking at it as an empty canvas. Yes, I am at Liverpool to get myself a degree but I am also there to have fun. I will have a lot of spare time that I will be able to fill however I wish.

Secondly, it’s a fresh start in my head. I am only 19 so I still live in academic years. My planners have always ran from July to July so, even though the end of the year is the official fresh start, it’s like we get a practise run first. And, if I start eating healthy and exercising now, I will be in the swing of things before the new year rush of health so I feel more ready. Or, if I fail, there’s always new year haha.

Who doesn’t love Autumn, Halloween and Christmas being on the horizon. The Autumn equinox is apparently on the 22nd of September this year so orange leaves, scarfs and woolly jumpers are within touching distance. Then, Halloween is so close and I can’t even start on how excited I am for Christmas. This is around the time of year I used to write my letter to Santa – yes, my Mum always liked me to give Santa a good bit of notice of what I would like – and I would start getting ready to get my family and friends presents so that I could spread out the cost and afford to buy them really cool extra special ones. Ahh, what an amazing time of year, I love it.

I have mentioned this is a post recently but the telly becomes so much better in September. We have the Great British Bake Off, Strictly, IT Takes Too as well, Long Lost Family and even a slightly controversial and not as good as it used to be X Factor. I am going to be sat on my bum watching the TV for a lot of September and I’m ready!

Finally, the weather is amazing in September. Yes, you can get a lot of rainy days but the possibility for blue skies is still there. I am not one for heat and my idea of hell is a boiling hot day where I have to wear clothes that cover me up. This year, throughout the heatwave in June, I was working at a school that required a blazer… A BLAZER IN 31 DEGREE HEAT. That is certainly not my idea of a good day. If I could have my perfect weather, the day would start off misty and chilly but throughout the day the mist would lift, the sky would get bluer and the temperature would only peek around 17/18 degrees so that you didn’t have to randomly strip off in the middle of the day. That is perfect and it’s the month where that is possible. I’m so excited for that.

This time of year is one of the best and I know I am not alone when I say that. I hope that anybody that is grieving over the fact that it’s the end of summer starts to see how much us lot love Autumn and all it has to offer and this post helps you get in the autumnal mood. I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and I will see you tomorrow for day #44 (Oh my gosh, less than 2 weeks left)


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