Day #44 University Week!

Hello everybody! I am very excited because this week, Monday to Friday, is going to be University Week here on my blog and I am will be sharing with you a complete range of different posts ready to gear you up for university life. As I am currently in the position of going to university in less than 2 weeks (oh my gosh, that is crazy,) I wanted to have some posts that not only helped everyone else out there that is a fresher but help myself as well. Getting posts ready and sourcing information and advise has been SO useful these past few weeks as the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained has actually been that amazing that I would say it’s invaluable.

So, I would like to run you through the schedule this week so that you can read posts that you think you would like to read. I have tried to mix it up and have a variety so every fresher is most situations will be able to get some advice or learn something from at least one of the posts I am going to have this week. University week, as I say, is running from Monday to Friday so there will be 5 posts:

Monday: Guest Post from Chloe ( – 7 Common Misconceptions About University

When I put out the message about my 56 Days Of Summer, Chloe was one of the bloggers that contacted me about possibly collaborating. When I heard her idea of having a list of myths from myself that I always assumed were true about university life and explaining if they are true or not, I loved it! There are so many rumours and myths that you hear and presume are correct that you build up an idea of uni life in your head but they’re not always true. Chloe is going to be sorting out the true facts from the false myths.

Tuesday: 10 Items I’ve Bought For University

I have had the most fun when choosing and buying what I would like for my own little space. After viewing my accommodation at the beginning of all my purchasing, I had an image in my head that I was able to work with: choosing things to match my green chair and yellow blind, items for my (yes, shared) kitchen. I would like to share some of the little bits that I thought would be a good shout for university. Not everything is a necessity but they will be nice to take.

Wednesday: University Interview With My Best Friend Ashleigh

Having a friend that has already been through their first year of university is too handy not to take advantage of. Ashleigh had a very uncommon beginning to her first year so I wanted to ask her questions about how she dealt with that, moving out further from home than I am and how she handled little things like doing her washing or making friends in lectures. I was able to ask questions that you probably wouldn’t ask a stranger and I think it gives a “real life” insight into what to expect at university.

Thursday: Guest Post from Saar ( – 6 Reasons Why I Loved University

After hearing all of the harsh truths about university, we need to now focus on the positives – and there isn’t a shortage of them. Saar had a wonderful time at university and I think it is so refreshing to read a post that is beaming with positivity. University is meant to be the “best years of your life” and Saar certainly agrees with that statement and wants to tell us why.

Friday: 1 Week From Moving In Day: How I’m Feeling

With just 7 days to go, I will certainly have a lot on my mind. I understand that not everybody with have exactly the same amount of time left but it will be nice to be able to get my thoughts down on paper and let anyone else in position know that they aren’t on their own. If anybody would like to join me with this blog post and also let their readers know how their feeling then I am quite happy to get a little group of us all together to help each other banish any nerves that seem to be creeping up on us. We can do this!

And there you go, a full itinerary for your week if university is on your mind. I hope this week will help you and I will see you tomorrow at the start of university week, todaloo!


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