Day #46 10 Items I Bought For University

Hello everyone and welcome to the second day of my university week special. Today, I am going to be going through 10 things that I have purchsed to go into my new flat at university. Some things will be important, some are just little extras that I wanted. Overall, I probably haven’t spent that much on my university equipment because I have left things like stationary to buy once I am there as I will know that I need. So, here’s 10 items I have bought for university:

1. A Double Duvet Cover from Tesco

When choosing a duvet cover, I wanted something white so that it could go in the wash with other white things, how adult and forward thinking am I? But, I didn’t want something boring and low quality so I went for a textured duvet set that has nice patterns on it. This 100% cotton one from Tesco was around £35 for a duvet cover and 2 matching pillow cases but I don’t think it is on sale anymore but Tesco bed linen is actually of a lovely quality so I highly recommend there!

2. Deep Fitted Sheet Set from Next

Sadly, I can’t find this fitted sheet on the Next website either. I wanted a fitted sheet that was still white to go in my large white wash that I am obviously planning on doing but still be a little more exciting than just white. When I spotted this, I adored it! This sheet was only £15 as well, bargain!

3. Bright Yellow Picture Frame from Next… again

I popped into Next about a week ago to look for some pillows to go with my new throw for university (you can see that in a minute) and I spotted this… well that gave away the colour of my throw haha. As my blind in my flat is bright yellow, I kind of wanted to keep that colour going through my room and I thought that a lovely bright frame would be the way to go. This picture frame was only £3.50 and came in such a lovely array of colours. Weirdly though, on the website, you can only buy a set of 2. In my room, I want loads of pictures of my family and friends and I thought that this frame will be a lovely place to start. Plus, how happy is this colour!

4.  Toshiba 1TB Hard Drive from Amazon

Urg, now into the boring bit. My laptop is ancient but I refuse to buy another one when it still loads perfectly fine *touch wood*. But, to be safe, I will be backing up every single dissertation and PowerPoint and lecture note on here. Plus, then I don’t have to carry my laptop everywhere with me when I could just take this and work in the library.  This hard drive was £53.46 with the case included. I thought that was pretty decent to be honest.

5. Bin from Ikea

I think this is a pretty fancy bin haha. This one is for on top of my desk when I need to bin a scrap bit of paper or a pen that doesn’t work. I didn’t want anything to big and bulky but I thought something like this would still look nicer but be functional. This was £5 and it’s at least 25cm tall or something. I actually found it on the website so I will like it here. They came in all different sizes but I went for the biggest. Ikea is such a lifesaver for things like this.

6. Sistema microwaveable pot from Asda

These are amazing and I think they will be so handy when it comes to frozen meals. I am a really fussy eater and I am not a fan of ready meals or takeaways, therefore I will be trying to cook every single night. But, I understand that it is probably a plan that is going to fail quickly. So, I decided to buy some of these. When I cook a freezable meal, I will make a larger amount then put portions of it into these pots and put them in the freezer. Then, a few days later, when I cba cooking, I will whip these out, put them in the microwave and ta da… easy homemade food. Plus, it’s like a mug so I won’t even need to dirty a plate to eat it. Gosh, I am so prepared go me! I also bought it in green because my kitchen is mainly green and I wanted it to match haha. It was £5.50 and came in a range of shapes and sizes and colours.

7. The Most Beautiful Throw in the World from Homesense… the most beautiful shop in the world.

I fell in love with this when I saw it! Not only was it only £19.99 but it will also match my yellow blind and picture frame so perfectly. It has a kind of geometric pattern on it and lovely white tassels at the edges. The fabric is quite think and it’s really soft so I think it will be amazing in winter for when I want something to snuggle up in. I never know if these things are in other Homsense stores but I fully recommend getting it if you spot it. It’s beautiful!

8. “After This We’re Getting Pizza” Yoga Mat from at ASOS

I saw this at the beginning of the year on ASOS and pondered about buying ti for so long that it went out of stop. That obviously made me regret not getting it so when it eventually came back in stock, I had to snatch it up! Not only does this yoga mat speak to me on a spiritual level but it is also a really nice quality and thickness, which will be perfect if there is a yoga society at LJMU that I can join and bring this along to haha. I think there is one so I will be joining it – I adore yoga. This mat was £28 but it’s not available from ASOS anymore but it is on the website and I will link it here.

9. White Lamp from Ikea

I was initially going to take my bedside table lamps to university as they matched each other and aren’t to big but, after assessing whether they were bright enough to work under, I decided to get a work lamp. This one was from Ikea and was £29, which I didn’t think was too bad. This way as well, I can keep my lamps here and they can continue to match each other. This one can be adjusted at all of the pivot points (who read “pivot” in Ross’ voice… me) and I thought that would be quite handy. Plus, it’s not ultra bright so when I don’t want the spotlights on, bam, I have chill lighting. I managed to find this exact one on the website so I will link it here.

10. Russell Hobbs Mini Fridge from Tesco

This isn’t a necessity but I really wanted one. As I have already mentions, I am a fussy eater and that’s not because I don’t like a lot of foods… It’s because I like to know that nobody has touched my food prior to me consuming it. I am such a snob. I am probably the snobbiest skint person ever. I just wanted a mini fridge to pop underneath my desk where I can store all of my dairy items and water bottles. You may be sat thinking “lol, Claire couldn’t over react more about milk” but I have had loads of posts on my Facebook saying “I am totally that person who steals milk and then tops up the bottle with water” and that put me right off. I love a joke, I really do but that is just immature. Spend 90p on a bottle? If people are freely admitting on Facebook that they do that then my milk will be in my room with me until I know my flat mates aren’t like that. Then, it will be my water fridge and that will be so posh. I bought this mini fridge from Tesco for £84 including delivery. When I purchased it, there was a code for £10 when you spend a certain amount on electricals so I got it for a little cheaper. All I did was scroll down to see which offers are available with that product. Then, it was free delivery and mine came next day! But, I would like to mention that I had to check with my accommodation that I could have a mini fridge. Mine were fine but I know some don’t let you.

And there’s some of the things I have bought for university. Not everything is essential bit they are all worth buying. If you haven’t seen the last two blog posts, this week is university week over here on my blog so every post this week will be about university. The full schedule is on my blog post from Sunday, which I will link here.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I will see you tomorrow for day #46/ day #3 of university week!



  1. September 6, 2017 / 19:20

    I love hauls, you got some fab things! Bet shopping for university is so exciting – Especially love the look of the throw, it’s gorgeous!

  2. September 6, 2017 / 19:32

    What a nice university haul! I’m going to uni next year so this post was definitely relevant for me! I especially like that bin! So cute and delicate! Great post! 🙂

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