Day #49 1 Week Away From Moving In Day: How I’m Feeling

Quick answer: nervous but excited. I am so used to myself going into fight or flight mode when a massive change is on the horizon that I expect myself to explode like a bomb of anxiety at any moment but, for some reason, I’m OK. I am actually excited a little bit.

I think I am one of them people that go “yeah, yeah I will totally do that” with absolutely zero intentions to actually do them as I think I will wuss out. But, recently, I haven’t actually been “wussing out”. I have actually done things recently that I have wanted to want to do but always thought I would be too scared to do… if that makes sense? For example, one of my friends said “hey, it’s at the end of the year, all my work has been handed in and everything else is done. Fancy popping up to my university (which is about a 2 hour drive away) and coming to see me” and I was like “yeah, sure, I’ll drive on my own and it will be fine”. I didn’t take into consideration that I had driven on a motorway once and my Dad was with me. I didn’t take into consideration that I had never driven for over an hour in one go. I didn’t take into consideration that I didn’t know the way nor was I well educated on what certain things on road signs mean or which lanes randomly go off the motorway. I just said “yes” not actually expecting myself to go. Then, a few days before going, my friend said “just letting you know, I got you a car parking space for when you arrive” and that’s when I knew I had to do it. So, a few days later, I driven on my own on a motorway for about 2 hours. Yes, I did go into the wrong lane so many times and went around round-a-bouts a few times but hey, I reached her flat and had a good day without doing anything massively wrong! Woo, gold star for Claire.

But, I think because I have noticed that I agree to things that I wish I would do without any intention of doing them, I am starting to use it to push myself out of my comfort zone and deciding to move into university accommodation was certainly one of them things. I would have expected to pull out around May/June when I started to buy things for my flat but I never did. Then I thought I would when I finished my job in July but nope, I didn’t. And now, here we are, 1 week away actually using the words university and excitement in the same sentence.

I am feeling nervous though. I downloaded the Unite app ready for university and it lets you know the first names of the people in your flat that have also downloaded the app. That really made it feel real because these are going to be people I live with for the next 10 months of my life so I will probably get to know them pretty well. I think I am probably more overwhelmed than nervous to be honest because I think I am more than ready to start university but it’s still quite a big change.

One thing I do worry about is the nights out. Personally, I don’t drink, so that does normally throw a spanner in the works when it comes to the night life. I love a party, I can let my hair down without a drink and I love a sing and a dance too but I can’t stand it when everybody I am with is too drunk. I am not a good mother hen when it comes to looking after drunk people, therefore I don’t really go out. Don’t get me wrong, I will go out and I will meet Chris Hughes from Love Island on the night he is in Liverpool (yes, already got my ticket – I am not missing that) but I won’t be going out most nights and I hope my flat mates and friends understand that. I don’t consider myself boring but I am certainly not under the party animal bracket that everybody seems to like to put themselves under. I am much more the day out type and I quite enjoy that. Other than that, I am pretty much ready to dive straight into university life and try everything and include myself in everything and be one of them annoying students that seems to do everything. Without hangovers, I must be able to do a lot haha!

And that concludes university week! I hope you have all enjoyed learning a little more about university and fresher life. If you are a fresher this year like me then GOOD LUCK – we will all be absolutely fine and adore university, I am sure. I hope you aren’t too nervous for moving in day. Even though mine is next week, I know some people move in this weekend so good luck if you are reading this to try and feel as ready as possible. WE WILL ALL BE OK! Thank you so much for reading and I will still see you all tomorrow for day #50 (50! We are in the 50’s. Who’d thought I would make it this far woo)


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