Day #50 August Love List

I can’t believe I am now in the last week of my summer. Today, I would like to talk you through my loves from August. I did this a month ago for July and I really enjoyed it so I thought I would do the same this month too! I think it’s a nice alternative to a favourites as it is a nice range of different things I have been loving this month. So, let’s get started:

What I Watched? I have been watching the Great British Bake Off that started this month. Although it’s missing Mary Berry, Mel and Sue, I am actually still loving it. I am not a massive fan of Prue but I think she will grow on my by the end of the season and the contestants are so good this season, which does make me love it just as much. I think, if you haven’t been watching because of the change up of channels and presenters, give it a go with an open mind. The layout of the show is still the same and the atmosphere is pretty similar to the BBC version so try it! It’s on Channel 4 of Tuesdays at 8pm.

What I Snapped? This month has been a really busy one at helpmeorganics HQ and something I have been doing is our new product pictures that will be going up on the 1st of October on our website (linked HERE.) I have popped a sneak peek above this paragraph so you can see. I have gone for an autumnal/Christmas-y vibe and I quite like it. We have 3 new ranges coming out in December and we needed some product pictures for them too so it took a billion times longer to take all the new pictures (2 full days – honestly, I didn’t know taking pictures could be so tiring haha.)

What I Wore? I have had a fair bit of work experience this month therefore I have been wearing a lot of work clothes that aren’t that cool. But, when I wasn’t working, I was wearing this lovely jumper from ASOS. I adore a high neck, navy and jumpers so I couldn’t really go wrong with this one. It was £38 and came in petite, which is perfect for my little short body. It’s very textured and probably wouldn’t be a good transitional jumper if you live in a country that’s still warm in September/October but for the North of England, this is perfect for this time of year. It suits, black jeans, blue jeans, any jeans… just everything I love it!

What I Did? As I have mentioned, I went on my work experience placements this month which taken up a fair bit of my time. Waking up at 5:30am everyday for 1 of the placements was certainly not fun. But, even though I sound like such an adult saying this, I found both placements really helpful and an amazing insight into the career that I hope to end up in. I recommend for everybody to go on placements and have a go at getting some work experience. I must have sent about 20 emails and only got 2 replies but both replies offered me some work so it was worth it!

What I Ate? I am try to lose a little bit of weight therefore I have decided to cut out some foods – one being bread. So, I have been eating loads of Rivitas and other crackers as an alternative and they are actually really nice. I am one of them people that can’t stop eating and obsessing over avocados so I have had avocado on crackers for lunch for most days of August and loved every second.

What I Drank? This is the most boring question but I literally just drank water. I don’t like fizzy drinks of alcoholic drinks therefore water is kind of my go to. I like squash but I rarely ever have it. Maybe if I am at a friends house and don’t want to seem boring when their parents ask me what I would like to drink. But yeah, just water.


Where I Went? I visited Arley Hall this August with my bud Ashleigh (I feel like she is literally the only friend I talk about on here haha) and had a lovely time. I actually written a blog post all about my visit so I will like that HERE so you can read it and have a little look through all the pictures I took.

What I Heard? I have been really reminiscing with the old Little Mix albums and I just love them. I think they are literally the coolest girls and if I could be Little Mix’s 5th member I would jump at the chance! Their 3rd Album “Get Weird” is so underrated. Secret Love Song Part II is still my favourite song by them and it is my go to song that I go straight to on Spotify. I think it is certainly worth a listen.

What I Used? Throughout this month, I have been using THIS Elemis toner and it is amazing. I actually got this for Christmas and have been using it a few times a month but, throughout August, I really fell in love with it. As I have been able to have more makeup free days due to finishing my job back in July, I have had time to actually have a proper skincare routine and this is always near the start. Not only does it smell lovely, it makes me skin feel really nice and clean ready for my moisturiser (I never know if I do it in the right order but that’s how I do it.)

And they are my current loves. I adore this style of favourites post and will hopefully remember to do it for Septmeber’s favourites. How crazy that it will be written in October… October! Where on earth did this year go? I hope you have all enjoyed this post and I will see you tomorrow with day #51!


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