Day #56 of the 56 Days of Summer!

Can you believe it? I’ve actually managed to daily blog for 56 days! I have had some lovely time off this summer but I am ready to start the next part of the year tomorrow and head off to university.

So, today, I dropped off some things at my accommodation to make everything less hectic for myself tomorrow. As I only live about 45 minutes away from my university, I thought I would make the most of that situation and do that and I am so glad I did. It was unbelievably quiet and that made everything go much smoother and my nerves stayed calm. Now, all I have to take with me tomorrow are my everyday things like everything out of my little beauty drawer, my laptop and last minute food buys like milk. Gosh, I feel like I am just growing up faster and faster everyday.

As somebody that is known to have a full blown panic over massive changes like this, I thought I would be an absolute wreck by now but, somehow, I’m not. I feel like I have put such a positive spin on what’s going to happen tomorrow that I am actually looking forward to it. Will I lie in my bed tomorrow night thinking “oh my gosh, I have moved into student accommodation in Liverpool. What am I doing?” yes, but I will be 1,000 times better tomorrow than I would have been this time last year. If somebody is reading this thinking that they have to go to university when everybody else does, please take note that I didn’t and I think I would have been stupid too. I wasn’t ready but I feel ready now, a year later.

So, what’s next for I am still going to continue blogging. I don’t plan on giving it up any time soon. I will be busy studying for a degree (oh gosh, that sounds so fancy I love it) but I will always find time for my blog. It has been an amazing thing over the past year and I want it to be here so that I use it as an outlet. Obviously, it won’t be a gap year blog but I will still post similar posts in the next few years than I did last year. I would put it underneath the bracket of a lifestyle blog but I will just post about whatever I fancy writing about. I do want to record my experiences at university so that people can see how somebody who has struggled with anxiety finds living and studying at a city based university. And, if nobody wants to read about that, at least I can look back at all the things I’m doing. It will be similar to an online journal but you won’t find a negative post, I don’t want to focus on negatives here.

Thank you to everybody that has commented on my posts, liked them and shared them over the past 56 days. It’s been a challenge but I have loved daily blogging. It’s an accomplishment that i am VERY proud of. I will probably have a mini break now to settle into university but you should see me again very soon. Thank you!


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