November 2017

How is it December tomorrow? I feel like it was yesterday I was sat in front of the fan in our living room trying my best to cool down due to the intense heat we had in June. I am currently sat in the kitchen of my university flat next to the mini Christmas tree we just decorated together while listening to “Now That’s What I Call Christmas” on Spotify. Although it feels too early for December, I am definitely in the mood for some festivities! This month has been pretty similar to the last one but I am still happy to do my monthly debrief and tell you all about it:

Firstly, university has stepped up a notch. At first, there weren’t many assignments being set and I was very relaxed about everything and now, we have already handed one in and the next due date is the 15th of December, which only hit me recently that it is very close. I am so unbelievably bored of talking all businessy and loved the fact that I am now writing about Christmas and fun things instead of Maslow and his theory of motivation. I understand that I am in my first year and moaning now is probably unfair to the years above but I still will haha.

Secondly, me and my Mum has a very very very exciting launch tomorrow of 3 new collections for helpmeorganics and I have been very busy setting up the website and labelling candles. I am going home tomorrow to get ready for our launch event tomorrow evening in her shop. We will be posting the products on our website at 5pm if you would like to go over and have a peek at what I have been doing for the last 6 months of so.

Also helpmeorganics related, we have been in a few subscription boxes this month, starting with The Unibox most recently. They actually had an exclusive product in their boxes as it is going to be officially launched tomorrow. If you managed to get your hands on it then we really hope you love the room spray as much as we do! We will also be popping up in some others very soon so keep your eyes peeled. If you would like to support this exciting venture that me and my mum are on then you could go over to our social media and give us a follow. We are @helpmeorganics on pretty much everything.

I am fully aware how awful I have been posting on here and I do apologise. I just needed university to take centre stage at the moment. And, to be honest, only blogging once a month has made me really look forward to it. As much as I enjoyed posting everyday over the summer, it was very tiring and it was difficult to put some much effort into every single post, let alone to get them to the standard that I am happy with. Just taking this time off blogging has allowed me to fall in love with it again and I think most bloggers will agree that sometimes, you just need to do that.

I hope you all have the most amazing December, have a brilliant Christmas and the happiest new year!

All the best x

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Sorry this post is a few days late. I had it all written and ready to go up on the last day of the month as usual then I left it saved on my laptop at university while I came home for a few days. Now I'm back, here it is :)

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