Achievements of 2017

I adore this time of year so much. No matter how amazing or rubbish your year has been, you can always embrace the fact that it’s a new year and every single person on the planet is going through this change of year too. Everyone looks back on the year and sums it up, whether just in a brief thought or like me in a blog post, and sets new goals for the year ahead. It’s as if everyone has so much motivation on the 1st of January and it’s so lovely to see!

This time last year, I wrote a blog post called “Achievements of 2016” and I wanted to do something similar this year. 2016 and 2017 were VERY different years so it will be nice to look back on both in completely different lights. Anyway, here are a few little things I did this year:

Get on a plane!

This year, for the first time in 12 years, I got on a plane and went to Barcelona for a few days. This is probably something really normal and not a biggie but I was so proud that I didn’t freak out at all. I hope to go on another flight in 2018 but nothing is booked yet.

A big first year for helpmeorganics

This year, helpmeorganics really got going. We have been included in LOADS of subscription boxes this year including The Unibox, LowToxBox and The Really Good Box to name just a few. We have also been written about by a few lovely bloggers – all blog posts can be found on our website too by using THIS link. Here’s to an even more exciting year next year!

Attended the Cheshire Show as press

I mean, I didn’t exactly have an entourage or anything fancy but I contacted the lovely people at the Cheshire Show to see if I could come and report about the couple of days and they said yes and sent me two press badges! I was so excited and felt so fancy honestly. You can read both posts I written for them here and here.

Completed my gap year

I understand that it was inevitable that I would finish my gap year but the fact that I stuck to my guns and decided to go back into full time education was a biggie! I was so unsure about university (as you could have probably guessed if you saw all my “uni or not uni” posts haha). I have written a few posts on why I hcose a gap year and to continue to go to university on here if you are unsure yourself.

56 Days of Summer

I never knew how difficult daily blogging could be until I decided to blog everyday for my summer break. But, as the stubborn girl I am, I did it and it was an amazing achievement that I am happy to have done. Not going to do 56 days in a row again though haha.

Being panic attack free for the WHOLE of 2017! (ish)

Ok so except a minor wobble at like 2am on my second night of university, I made it to the end of the year pretty much panic attack free. I mean, I think I was just crying really hard (such a long story and I was being a little dramatic so lets leave it there). I finished college emotionally exhausted so being so anxious about every single minute I lived so not being like that anymore is such a massive thing for me. I would like to be an example for anybody who thinks “I will be anxious every single day for the rest of my life” that you won’t be and that it is possible to break out of the anxious cycle. All I did was dramatically change my day to day routine. Instead of going to college, I stopped and took a year out of education. I understand that not everybody can just take a year out of their life but it was a possibility for me so I just did it and look at me now: I moved out and went to university and do things I would have been petrified to do before.

Finally, I moved out and started university

That is something I certainly didn’t think I would say that I did this year. In January this year, I went to 6 interviews in one week alone. I was determined to show myself what possibilities were out there in the world that didn’t involve university to force myself to make a decision. I chose a route that involved university and decided to jump head first and move out… MOVE OUT! Before moving to university I had been to 1 sleepover in my whole life. I only spent 4 nights away from my Mum. This was so out of character for me but hey, I have a flat in Liverpool now and share a flat with 7 other people I didn’t know 4 months ago. Crazy.

I hope everybody has had the most wonderful year and have an even better 2018!!



  1. December 29, 2017 / 16:57

    Well done Claire! I think those are really great achievements and wonderful to look back on.

    Anna x

    • December 29, 2017 / 21:52

      Thank you so much Anna!x

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