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If you would like to have a little chat then you can find me on Twitter and Instagram @clairesyear

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If you are a company wishing to work with me then I am more than happy to as long as it fits my blog. I would love to work with any mental health charities, universities or anything that you think I would be interested in (I love a small UK based company when I discover one, I am so patriotic it’s unbelievable). I will only work with companies or organisations that I am genuinely interested in and will always give my honest opinion.

Absolutely every single word on my blog is written by moi and I completely agree with everything I write about. I have not been paid for any of these words so the opinions are entirely my own. But at the same time, I am not the Queen or Beyoncé (same thing really) so I am not always right and if you disagree with anything then that’s fine. I am 19 so my life experience meter isn’t very high yet.

Enjoy my blog!

Last Updated 04/10/2017